Glenaeon Garden Culture

06 June 2023

Welcome to ‘The Oasis’!: Part 2

The Garden team’s vision is for the students to experience the Middle Cove biodynamic garden as a place of wellbeing, where they are welcome to relax - whether or not they are engaged in class work! The garden offers a calm environment within the busy campus for those who need it. There is a hammock next to the water garden where many students swing in the breeze and find an equilibrium, also stumps and benches for sitting quietly or gathering to share observations and musings.

The flock of chickens brings interest and comfort to students, many of whom know the birds by name and are attentive to the ‘well being’ of these animals. Last week, Class 5 spotted a DAMSELFLY on the Indigenous Water Grass. How exciting it was to see a REAL damselfly as they are currently writing poetry and making pictures about them with Lucy, Lynne and the Willoughby Council!

The opportunity to do meaningful work in recess or lunch times is sought by some high school students who race to the garden saying "do you need any jobs done?" A spade, crowbar or mattock and accompanying tasks are available for those who want to ‘move mountains’. Scissors, baskets and vases are available for those who would like to harvest flowers and make bouquets to distribute around the campus. Other students enjoy making a pot of tea from herbs harvested in the garden and sharing this refreshment with their peers.

High school teachers hosting classes in the garden or garden classroom find the water garden is a ‘magnet’ for students where they instantly feel connected and relaxed. The water garden has already become a much-appreciated sanctuary!

Parents helping in gardening lessons also benefit as one parent shared recently: "Thanks to your magical gardening classes I had opportunities to build up my physical and mental energy. Also, thank you very much for letting us join the chicken care group! Both my son and I have been interested in animals but were not comfortable around them as we were afraid of them. You gave us opportunities to be relaxed around them and just enjoy the time with them. I really appreciate it."

Want to learn and do more in the school gardens?

  • Parents and carers are welcome to volunteer in gardening lessons - if your child is in Class 1 to 6, please see the class teacher or class parent (earns CIP points);
  • Families can sign up to be part of the chicken care volunteer team for weekends and school holidays (contact Sandra at for more info - earns CIP points).

For enquiries, please contact
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