Glenaeon Newsletter June 9, 2023

Stolen Focus

Stolen Focus

“We have to decide now: Do we value attention and focus? Does being able to think deeply matter to us? Do we want it for our children? If we do, then we have to fight for it.” – Johann Hari

I’m busily preparing for next week’s Parent Education Supper Book club session, focusing on Johann Hari’s thought-provoking book, Stolen Focus – Why You Can’t Pay Attention. Ironically, I’m finding it difficult to focus; the emails are pinging, the deadline for the Newsletter looms and there’s a long list of to-do’s on my weekly planner. In the past, I liked to blame all manner of things for my procrastination: a lack of time; my preference to prioritise tasks I really enjoy; my tendency to be sucked into the vortex of the infinite scroll on my social media. After reading Stolen Focus, I’m persuaded that there are far more powerful and systemic factors at play in eroding my ability to concentrate, beyond my own personal shortcomings. The same is true, of course, for our children. They too find it hard to focus and pay attention, and increasingly so. The session next Tuesday evening will provide an opportunity for parents and carers to explore the current challenges and consider strategies for supporting themselves and their children to claim back concentration. There are a few places left for this event. Register here.

Parent Power!

Over recent weeks, two very special community events, involving a raft of parent volunteers have nurtured our love for appreciating artistic expression and our need for social connection. The first, the annual Jazz Café night, in which the Sylvia Brose Hall was transformed into an intimate music venue, complete with soup, bread and the dulcet tones of various Glenaeon musical groups, provided an evening of deep appreciation for the opportunities our students enjoy and the power of music to lift the spirits. A very big thank you to every parent who supported this event. And of course, last Saturday night, the annual MidWinter Party delighted over 200 Glenaeon parents and carers who danced and talked the night away amidst a backdrop of funky disco tunes. Again, a huge thank you to the Class 7 parents who ‘hosted’ this event and the many parents and carers who donated time or items for the Silent Auction, and to everyone who attended – you rock!

Annual Giving Campaign

Finally, a reminder that the Annual Giving Campaign is still active, right up to the end of the financial year on June 30. This year, we are launching the Glenaeon Staff Innovation Fund, designed to support our staff in the pursuit of innovative projects and ideas that will inspire them and our school community to remain at the forefront of what is possible, now and into the future. You can read more about our Annual Giving Campaign here.

With very best wishes for a great weekend,
Diana Drummond

Making Seesaws at Preschool

Last week, the children at Preschool loved making their own seesaws in the garden and joyfully experimented with weight and balance.

A Visit from Noel at Our Willoughby Campus

The Preschool children love when Noel from the Maintenance Team comes to visit, they watch with fascination as he fixes things around the Preschool. We are so grateful to Noel for making these giant boxes for us. They have been the inspiration for much creative and imaginative play.

Mending Toys at Little Kindy

Last week, Noel from the Maintenance Team came to Little Kindy to mend our broken toys. The Children crowded around Noel to see how each toy was fixed with care. Later, we invited Noel to have morning tea with us and the children asked many (many!) questions. When we went outside to play, the children all joyfully joined in to help Noel with his raking job. Thank you Noel for coming to help us look after our toys and thank you for all that you brought to our day. 


Big Kindy Bushwalk

Each Friday the children in Big Kindy enjoy a bushwalk in the local area. We pack our lunches and water bottles before taking a new friend’s hand and hopping on the walking bus. We pick up our parent volunteers and before we leave the campus, we check that we all have our listening ears, looking eyes, and kind hands. We also check that Catherine has the kindy’s little bushwalking friend ‘Bushy’ (a pocket doll made out of palm leaves) who guides us on our journey. He may even have a story to tell about Great Grandfather Gum or Old Paper Bark who live in the little reserve we visit. Once we arrive at our destination, which at this stage is not far from the school, we put out our picnic blankets and enjoy a picnic lunch. After a little bush rest, we have time to explore, run and play before returning back to campus. Bushwalks give us a wonderful opportunity to engage in healthy movement and to connect with the very beautiful natural environment in our local area.

Class 2 Abuzz with Honey

On the first day of winter, Class 2 was a hive of activity when Class Teacher and experienced beekeeper Jamie Loftus ran a honey workshop for the children and parents. Jamie prepared a wonderful classroom display, including bee drawings from the children, a box full of ripe honey from his own beehives and all the gear needed to extract it.

In class, in their English/Geography Main Lesson – ‘From the Ocean to the Deserts’ – the children have been on an adventurous journey with Erskin and Jimmy, visiting an apiary on the way. Jamie shared some lovely stories and talked through the life cycle and vital work of bees in nature, how it takes one bee their entire lifetime to produce just one teaspoonful of precious honey, as well as the many health benefits of bee products.

After a demo, it was time to get our hands sticky! The children used the hand tools to slice off the wax cappings on each frame, placed the frames in the extractor, and spun the handle to release the honey - with sampling along the way! They even got to try on real beekeeper protective suits and make some beeswax candles.

The class proudly extracted over 15kg of honey, which provided a jar for each Class 2 child to take home, as well as jars shared with Class 1 and the Castlecrag campus teachers. A finishing touch on this wonderful experience was the class making beautiful origami bees in their Japanese lesson later that day.


Shops, Fairy Gardens and the Amazing Cubby!

The playground has been alive with a marketplace of shops, fairy gardens and an incredible cubby built with logs, mud and rope! For a collection of gum nuts, you can buy special sticks, leaves and pretty cakes, or simply wander and enjoy the fairy gardens that pop up! The children have been industriously building an incredible cubby with a balcony, different rooms inside and even a Reception Desk just like Melony's!

Parent Craft

Parent Craft has been so busy and creative - Wednesday mornings in the Castlecrag Hall kitchen. Coordinated by parent Alex Bell, the mornings and workshops (some scheduled at other times) are such a wonderful coming together of our community, creating things for sale at our famous Glenaeon Fair on November 4.
This week they began making Christmas decorations, - after making knitted bunnies last week and an incredible collection of beautiful crowns. There are Craft Packs available to take home from Reception at the Castlecrag Campus, and PLEASE pop in to see the beautiful craft on display in the wooden cabinet in Reception.

The final Parent Craft morning for Term 2 is Wednesday, 14th June - Wooden Treehouse Workshop. Little ones are welcome and there is an enclosed play area both indoors and outside. No experience is necessary.

Kindy Letterbox Drop

Checking the mail? You might find some friendly faces in your letterbox and we'd love you to share this flyer with your family, friends or community. A heartfelt thank you to Class 1 students Pavel and Mila-Rose and their families for supporting our School and helping to grow our wonderful community. 

Parent Library Stocktake Over The Holiday

The Parent Library is now closed for borrowing until next term. Please return all library books before the end of the term.
Thank you.

Class 3 Lemon Squeeze

The 🍋 squeeze is on!

Class 3 need lemons to start preparing for the Fair lemonade stall. We will be collecting lemons while in season and would appreciate any donations or helpful tips on where to find great value lemons to get as many as possible. Also, we would appreciate borrowing any electric juicers available for this task.
Please contact Deahne on 0401 227 037 or if you can help out.

Thank you!

Class 6 Pioneers Camp

At the end of May, just before sunrise, Class 6 took to the road over the Blue Mountains and out to the western plains. Three Class 6 main lessons were the focus of their camp adventure; Australian History, Geology and Astronomy. Their first destination was Bathurst, the town of the first Gold Rush in Australia. Their visit included an opportunity for the children to try their hand at gold panning and learn about life on the gold fields. Story-telling, blacksmithing and a visit to a Chinese Joss House contributed to an imaginative re-enactment of life in the gold fever town in the 1850’s. They also visited the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum and saw some amazing fossilised ammonites, fish, crabs and leaves, alongside a magnificent display of minerals, crystals and gemstone specimens.

They did not reach their campsite, in the Warrumbungles, until late and after a hearty meal, they slipped into their cosy tents. They woke the next morning to frosty conditions but warmed by the fire with bowls of steaming porridge. By 8am the sun came out to melt the frost, and all the intrepid campers set out on their Grand High Tops bushwalk. A rugged, winding ascent of the ancient volcanic landscape led to the iconic dyke called the ‘Breadknife,’ which stands a massive 90 meters tall. Here at the top of this windy height, the view of the igneous lava domes and rock formations in a 360-degree panorama was an awe-inspiring experience and worth the long and steep climb.

That evening the students and teachers had a marvelous opportunity to look at the moon, and become familiar with the stars, planets and constellations with the naked eye, as well as through a telescope. The next day the students enjoyed an exciting abseil experience down a 18-metre rock face. Although many were scared, standing on the precipice of the steep drop below them, they gathered their courage and were exhilarated by the descent. The camp was an overwhelming success thanks to the amazing outdoor team, who ensured safety and nourished bellies with delicious, nutritious food. Many thanks, to Class 6 Teacher Cathy and Scotty, Jason, Enya and Michelle for supporting the Class 6 students through a memorable and magnificent camp encounter.

Yr 7 Locker Shields

If you happen to wander down to the Yr 7 locker room, you will see the lockers adorned with some special artwork. Our Yr 7 students created shields in Art class - a task that built on their King Arthur Main Lesson where they learned about the code of chivalry and then wrote their own code which they wanted to live by. For this project, they looked at the heraldry of the medieval period and then the students designed their own shield, considering the symbolism of colour and form and creating a design that represented their family, history, values, and interests. What a lovely reminder of what is important to them every time they open their locker.

AICES Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to the students who represented Glenaeon at the AICES Cross Country Championships in Horsley Park. From the initial 15 Glenaeon runners who qualified from the ISD Cross Country Carnival on May 16, eight Glenaeon students were able and determined enough to make the journey and run their hearts out on a newly designed 4km circuit. Depending on their age they ran 3000m/4000m or 6000m distances. Impressive stuff!

We congratulate these students for their effort in a much tougher field of runners at this level and a much more undulating course! They all placed in the top half or top quarter of their respective races and that is formidable given the quality of runners that attended the event from all over Sydney.

Well done to Luc M. (Yr11), Felix P. and Genna H. (Yr 9), Ava and Grace F., Amelie B., Finn C.(Yr 8) and Enzo M. (Yr 7). We are proud to say we were the top-performing school at the ISD level, so let’s do it all again in 2024 with an even broader field of young runners trying out this healthy and easily accessible sport! It's never too early to start training!

2023 Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival

Congratulations to the Glenaeon students who performed over the weekend at the 2023 Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival, accompanied by Christine Young and Alleyne Moss. The aim of the Festival is to provide a formal, non-competitive performance opportunity for ensembles in a positive and encouraging environment.

The festival is co-hosted by the Northern Beaches Symphonic Wind Ensemble, the Northern Beaches Orchestra, the Northern Beaches Symphonic Youth Band, and the Northern Beaches Concert Band, and all proceeds from the festival go back into community music.

Our students represented Glenaeon in the Co-Curricular Concert band high school edition and performed two pieces and received great feedback.
Well done to all the students and families involved!

Term 3 Debating

Book Now - Glenaeon Community MidWinter Spiral - 21 June

We are thrilled to host the 2023 Glenaeon Community MidWinter Spiral on Wednesday, 21 June, 6pm-9pm.

Book Now

The Glenaeon Community MidWinter Spiral is a time of deep introspection and contemplation. We are reminded of the cyclical nature of life and the importance of nurturing our inner light.

At this time, we gather together to walk the spiral, a symbol of the journey inward. We begin at the outer edge of the spiral and slowly make our way towards the centre, lighting candles along the way. As we move inward, we shed the layers of the past year and release any negative or stagnant energy that no longer serves us.

Once we reach the centre of the spiral, we pause to reflect on the lessons learned and the growth that has taken place. We rekindle our inner light, drawing strength and inspiration from the flames of the candles that surround us.

Parking on basketball court adjacent to the Sylvia Brose Hall.
This event is for adults ONLY.


Book Now - GlenX Reunion 2023 - 16 September

We are thrilled to host the 2023 GlenX Reunion on Saturday, 16th September, 3pm-6pm.

Book Now

Feel like putting your detective hat on? Calling all GlenX Class of 2013, 2003, 1993, 1983 and 1973 volunteer coordinators who can help ID and track down classmates to invite to the reunion. Please email with your interest.

All Alumni are encouraged to join the Glenaeon Alumni Facebook Group to receive updates about the reunion event. 

Enjoy a trip down memory lane with these Class of 2003, 1993 and 1983 photos below.

Glenaeon Family Fair 2023 - 4 November

Glenaeon Family Fair 2023
We look forward to inviting our School community to the Annual Glenaeon Family Fair on Saturday, 4th November 2023 from 10am-4pm at our Castlecrag Campus, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag. We can't wait to welcome you for a day of family fun this Spring.

Art & Craft Silent Auction
Once again this year's Fair will feature an Art & Craft Silent Auction. Each class has been asked to create a unique piece of artwork for the Auction and each piece will be displayed at the Fair for silent bids.

We would also like to extend an invitation to other members of the Glenaeon community – parents, grandparents, individual students, individual teachers, alumni, neighbours and friends – to contribute to the Art & Craft Silent Auction.

All mediums considered and your donations of time and talent will add to the beautiful display of works, and of course, contribute to the Fair’s fundraising. If you would like to participate, please contact Melanie Harper 0438622644
There’s plenty of time to get inspired and start on a project!


An Evening at the Jazz Café 2023

The annual Jazz Café was held in the Sylvia Brose Hall on Friday, 26 May. By any measure, it was a huge success and has become a highlight of the musical year at Glenaeon. Our fabulous Glenaeon Big Band, Concert Band and Jazz Combo, as well as Year 7/8 Concert Band Ensemble and various pop-up groups, provided a wonderful evening of music and fun.

The audience was entertained by jazz classics like Summertime, Blue Moon, Tuxedo Junction, Georgia on My Mind, Tequila and Sidewinder, as well as popular favourites like Pharrell William’s Happy, and many, many more. Sincere thanks to the band leaders – Ian Munns, Christine Young, Adriaan Mees and Alleyne Moss, as well as our instrumental tutors, who prepared the students so beautifully.

Warmest thanks also to the dedicated group of parent volunteers, led by Melony Browell, Ally Seymour-Smith, Sabine Simmonds, Holly Keys and Kerry Hill and all the parents and families who helped make it such an enjoyable event. Your contribution of food, items for the hamper, sweets and bread were so appreciated. Thanks also for the amazing donations to the wonderful raffle. Over $2500 was raised on the night, money that will go towards new instruments and equipment for the students. We are aiming to purchase a bass clarinet with the money from this year’s Jazz Café.

Keep an eye out for details of upcoming Music events, especially the return of the Concourse Concert on Friday, 11 August. Almost every student from Class 5 to Yr 11 will perform at the Chatswood Concourse Concert Hall on this evening, and if Jazz Café is any indication, it will be an evening to look forward to. Mark the date in your diaries now!

MidWinter Disco Fever!

The MidWinter Party was a wonderful night of socialising, dancing, delicious food and disco fever that both sparkled and rocked the night along! Thank you to all parents, friends and staff who came out to enjoy this community evening together!

Organised by Yr 7 parents, the venue 'The Fernery' proved to be a stunning place to see friends and catch up, as well as enjoy dancing, disco-themed games and wonderful entertainment. Teachers Lucy Armstrong, Jonathan Shaw and parents Sam Gibson and Emma Spencer sang some favourites for us, and the air guitar and dance-off competitions hailed some unexpected winners! DJs Shaun and Scott helped us dance the night away with disco fever.

Thanks to James Henty for being our funky MC and to so many people for dressing up to move and groove in true disco style! A huge thank you goes to the Yr 9 families who organised the concurrent Silent Auction with over 60 amazing donations from our community - it raised over $13,500! This goes directly to the Glenaeon Parents Association (GPA) and will be used towards projects and equipment for the students. The food and desserts were delicious and plentiful, and it was such a delight to see so many parents from all years together again.
A heartfelt thank you to the dedicated organising committees from both Yr 7 and 9 and our Silent Auction donors (see below).

Year 7 Organising Committee:
  • Anne Mundie
  • Guiselle Vargas
  • Hasu Opa-Clarke
  • James Henty
  • Julia Henty
  • Maja Rose
  • Melony Browell
  • Nick Meredith-Jones
  • Niel Mundie
  • Peter Miles
  • Sam Gibson
  • Shaun Thomson
Year 9 Silent Auction Committee:
  • Angela Lakkis
  • Erika Hosoyama
  • Holly Gibbons
Click "Show more" for our very generous Silent Auction donors:
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Meet the Team - Will Bryant

What is your new role at Glenaeon?

My new role at Glenaeon is working in the archives collections as the schools designated archivists, organising and filing not only school records but also 65+ years of Glenaeon’s history. I have come across some very interesting objects and documents, as well as discovering some unique facts including finding out that parts of the old Pyrmont incinerator (designed by Walter Burley Griffin) are actually stored underneath the Sylvia Brose Hall! 

What experience do you bring to Glenaeon?

Having recently completed my Bachelor of Arts in Modern History & Indigenous Studies and currently studying a Masters of Research in Modern history at Macquarie University, I bring my experience of not only researching archival material but also working within archives to Glenaeon. During my undergraduate degree I also undertook an internship at the Macquarie University History Museum where I was given the project of constructing a chronological history of a German bakery in Gordon (The Schmeising Bakery or Gordon Bakery as it was later known), so I also bring my experience of constructing chronological histories of a particular community or institution. 

What are your interests?

My interests include modern historical reading and research, specifically in the area of Australian LGBTQA+/queer history and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I am very much interested in the role that medical dramas - such as A Country Practice, G.P., & The Flying Doctors which some of you older adults may remember - that aired during the 1980s and 1990s played in educating the community about HIV/AIDS. 

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

I am most excited to encounter new or rarely seen objects and documents that are hidden away in the archives collection that relate to the history of Glenaeon as well as working on some projects that share Glenaeon’s rich history with the wider school community. And I am of course excited about starting my Masters of Research thesis paper and investigating the role of the television drama in the Australian HIV/AIDS crisis.

Thrilled to have you, Will!


Celebrating the Life of Chris de Jong

The School would like to acknowledge the passing of former Board Member Chris de Jong and share our heartfelt condolences with his family.
Chris’s four children – Mark, Robert, Julitta and Monique – all attended Glenaeon between the late 70s and 90s. Chris was a member of the Glenaeon parents association in 1979; both himself and his wife, Carla, were active members of the Glenaeon community.

Chris served as the president of the Parents Association from 1986 to 1988, with Carla also serving on the council board alongside well-known Glenaeon school community members such as Miss Sylvia Brose. Chris and Carla continued to be active members of the Glenaeon community until their youngest, Monique, completed year 12 and graduated in 1999.

Chris passed away on 22nd May 2023 at aged 80. In lieu of flowers, the de Jong family have suggested donations can be made to The Royal Doctors Flying Service. We extend our deepest sympathies on behalf of the wider Glenaeon Community and warmly acknowledge Chris for his contribution to our School.


Seeking Parents as Readers/Writers for Exams

We are looking for Readers and Writers that may assist students during exams. Exams occur throughout the school year and are generally for 1-2 hours in length.

Years 9-10 Exams: Readers/Writers are Volunteer based
Years 11-12 Exams: Readers/Writers for Year 11 and 12 exams are paid $25/hour

What qualities should a reader/writer have?

  • Ability to communicate clearly in English with a sufficient literacy level
  • Basic understanding of the subject(s) being examined
  • Clear, legible handwriting (if writing for the student)
  • Willingness to spend time with the student
  • Patience and sensitivity
  • Understanding of the need to maintain confidentiality and an ability to do so

If you are interested in being added to our list for exams, please contact Margaret

Glenaeon Garden Culture

Welcome to ‘The Oasis’!

The new water garden is coming to life in the Middle Cove biodynamic garden. The idea for this came out of our 'water wise' conservation concerns: the campus is abundant in ‘overstory’ trees, yet we need to run an irrigation system in the teaching garden for around 100 days a year. Gardening Teacher Sandra Frain and the garden team (Michelle Chambers and Kai Schaeffer) wanted to provide more natural water as moisture for the cultivated plants and animal life, to help the garden be more self-sufficient in the many times it needs to be untended.

When Kindergarten Teacher Sarah David kindly gifted a fibreglass form, we imagined an ‘oasis heart’ in the centre of the garden! A shaded space for people to be nourished and replenished, alone and together: visioning a place of wellbeing for all. So in Term 1 Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 got to work with gusto. First, they dug out old rotting timber from the site, making that into a base for the next compost heap. The students enjoyed harvesting garlic they'd planted in earlier seasons and transplanting chamomile elsewhere in the garden.

Then using spades and mattocks, ever-changing teams of students were delighted to dig the big hole needed to fit the form. They dug through the rich black soil until they found gorgeous golden clay, which required more strength and patience to excavate. The students had to measure the fibreglass form, fit it into the ground, and learn how to properly stabilise the structure as they backfilled - supported by a ring of nice old bricks they found and arranged. There was much excitement as gushing water finally filled the form, and water plants were brought in from the Class 4 water garden barrel. The next day, red dragonflies were hovering above the indigenous water grasses, and the oasis invitation to nature was being accepted.

Sandra and the team were really impressed by what the students accomplished in just 5 weeks of Term 1 with all the gardening classes working happily on this project! The students arriving for these classes now stream in through the gates and head straight for the water garden at the centre, to look and dabble and take a quiet moment in this lovely place they're making together.

Please read on in the next newsletter for part 2 of The Oasis story…

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Spotlight on...Medical Appointments

In an effort to make our policies and procedures highly visible to our Parents and Carers in our community, we will be putting the spotlight on some important information in upcoming Newsletters. In this edition, we are focused on our Medical Appointments policy.

You can download and read the policy on GLO by clicking on the Policy Spotlight tile.

Glenaeon Fair Toy Stall

Grassroots Eco Store – Use Your Back To School Vouchers Before June 30

Make the most of your Back to School NSW Vouchers with our handpicked selection of sustainable products made to last the journey.

Your vouchers can be used at Grassroots Eco Store to shop for eligible school supplies, including our range of sustainable lunchboxes, drink bottles, insulated food canisters, slippers, art & craft materials, books and more.

View our online Back to School NSW Voucher Collection.

Term 2, 2023  – Opening Hours:

Tuesday: 8:30am—12pm & 2pm—3:45pm
Wednesday: 8:30am—12:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am—12pm & 2pm—3:45pm
Friday: 8:30am—12pm & 2pm—3:45pm


Shop online anytime:




Thank you for shopping locally. A portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon.
Grassroots Eco Store is located on the Glenaeon Castlecrag Campus, next to the Marion Mahony Griffin Hall. 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag.


Glenaeon Buy, Sell, Swap and Second Hand Uniforms

As we approach winter and the cooler weather, a reminder that Glenaeon has an official Facebook Swap and Sell group and Second Hand Uniform Shop for all your school winter woolies.

The Swap and Sell group is for Glenaeon families to sell, buy or swap secondhand uniforms, textbooks, musical instruments, music books or outdoor education and sporting equipment. The only rule is that all items need to be school related. You can also post a "Wanted To Buy" message if you are looking for something in particular. The Swap and Sell group has been running for six years and now has over 360 members. To join, go to: 

The Second-Hand Uniform Shop is located next door to the Class 6 classroom at our Middle Cove Campus and is open every Thursday 3:30-4:30pm during term time. Interested in volunteering? Want to earn CIP points? Please email reception with your interest

Glenaeon Bumper Stickers

We are thrilled to announce the production of our limited edition Glenaeon branded car bumper stickers for our families, staff and wider community. 

It will be wonderful to share the spirit of Glenaeon across Sydney roads and beyond!

Stickers are now available to hand to parents at the front desks at our Willoughby, Castlecrag and Middle Cove campuses. Please get in quick there is limited stock available.


Term 2 Annual General Meeting - 14 June

Dear Parents and Carers,

We warmly invite you to the GPA’s Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, 14 June, 7pm – 9pm

Venue - Hall Kitchen, Castlecrag Campus - or - Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 814 8626 4933 Passcode: 800030

Do you want to find out more about our school…

  • What happens across different parts of the school? 
  • How things are organised or run?
  • What the important issues are?
  • Do you want to have a greater voice in the school community around certain areas of interest?
  • Do you feel motivated to contribute back to the school in some way?
  • Do you have ideas about initiatives and improvements and want to support them getting into action? 

If your answer is a ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, please come along to the GPA’s AGM.

All parents of current Glenaeon students are members of the incorporated GPA. The GPA provides support for the school so the needs of the children are met and the school community as a whole is nourished.

Key areas of focus for the GPA are:

1. Community Engagement – fostering a culture of giving, connection and care within the school by actively motivating parents to support Glenaeon with their time, energy, special talents or skills

2. Communication – both between parents themselves, and between the parent body as a whole and the school. The GPA informally represents parents’ views to the school, and acts as a sounding board for school management and the Glenaeon School Council when they require parent feedback on issues and planned activities

3. Support to parents – via parent education events, parent library services, parent craft workshops and as an information portal, providing guidance and direction to class parents

4. Fundraising – providing logistic, finance and accounting support for fundraising projects, providing resources to the school that would not otherwise be financed. 

The AGM will take a retrospective look back on 2022 to inform everyone of the key issues from the previous year and review the GPA’s financial position as of 31 December 2022.  

We will hear from the School Executive and School Council 

We will also be glimpsing towards the year ahead a little and this is where I invite you to get more involved if you are interested. 

The current GPA officers include: 

Co-chairs: Sabine Simmonds & Warwick Brow
Treasurer: Warwick Brown
Secretary: Jacinta Dunn

We will be re-electing the GPA officers, including steering committee members.

The role of steering committee members is to provide a group of people who can help with things, or be the liaison person for particular interest areas.  The time & energy involvement varies from very little (simply attending GPA meetings each term), to reporting & updating the GPA,  to becoming more involved when things need to be done.

We hope you feel inspired and moved to have a voice on the GPA, and be involved. We have an incredible school where parents contribute in many ways.  Through this involvement the children and their teachers are supported and we create a fulfilling and vibrant sense of community.

Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM tomorrow evening!

Sabine Simmonds & Warwick Brown

Careers Corner with Rod Mounjed

Important for Yr 10:
Work Experience forms are due at the end of Term 2

If you are looking for spare application forms please visit GLO, and search under Year 10/Work experience. This includes the current insurance form as well.


University of Sydney - Interaction Design at Sydney Webinar
28 June
Learn about how our new Bachelor of Design (Interaction Design) will provide you with the innovative technical and social design skills to become a leading-edge designer in today's fast-paced job market. Find out how your passion for creativity and problem solving can be harnessed for a career in digital and visual design.

University of Sydney - Nursing at Sydney Webinar
21 June
Nursing is one of the Australia’s fastest growing employment sectors. Our Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) and double degrees in nursing will prepare you to apply for registration to practice as a nurse in Australia. Find out about the course details, admission requirements, study location, career pathways, clinical placements and nursing registration from Dr Tonia Crawford, Director Pre-registration Programs.

ARTiculate | English: Critical and Creative Responses Under Pressure
15 June
This two-part presentation aims to support students in responding to tasks in English Standard, Advanced and EAL/D exam conditions. Part 1 provides tips and a toolkit for responding critically to unseen texts in Paper 1, Module A: Texts and Human Experiences. Part 2 provides tips, and a toolkit for responding to writing prompts in Advanced/Standard Module C, the Craft of Writing and EAL/D Focus on Writing. The presentation aims to help students reduce stress around time-sensitive challenges and navigate critical and creative strategies.

University of Newcastle - Joint Medical Program 2024 - How to Apply – 5 Steps
To apply to the Joint Medical Program in 2024, you must complete the following three steps. Our Joint Medical Program is world-class, and entry is competitive. Each year, 170 places are available in the program across both the University of Newcastle and the University of New England; more than 3,500 people apply for those spaces. Your application will go through a rigorous selection process. If your application isn't successful, we encourage you to apply again the following year or to consider one of the many alternative degrees offered by the University of Newcastle or the University of New England. 

University of Sydney - The new Bachelor of Agricultural Science
14 June
The University of Sydney will be launching a new Agricultural Science degrees in 2024. Join this session with Prof Stephen Cattle from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences to learn about the new 3-year Bachelor of Agricultural Science, and the new 4-year Bachelor of Agricultural Science Honours. Whether you become an expert in soil science and digital agriculture or help find solutions to how we feed the world sustainably, you will be on the frontline of issues of global importance. 

Applying to UTS Info Session
17 June
Thinking about applying to an undergraduate course at UTS? Join us at our Applying to UTS Info Session on Saturday 17 June. Find out about different application options, including applying through UAC, the UTS Early Entry Program and pathways options. You'll also have a chance to ask our staff all your questions. Select to attend on campus, or online via a livestream. 

Get to know our expert academics and have all your questions answered. Hear from current students about their study experiences and be inspired by our guest speakers, who will provide insight into the future of the agricultural industry in a changing world, including precision agriculture technology, and the role of sustainability.

UOW Early Admission Application Webinar
28 June
UOW Early Admission is our early offer program for students completing Year 12 (Higher School Certificate or other Australian equivalents) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma during 2023. This webinar is your chance to ask any questions and find out how to get an offer to uni before you sit your first exam. 

UNSW Portfolio Entry Early Conditional Offer Scheme
Applications Close 21 July

With UNSW Portfolio Entry, your pathway into uni is unique - just like you. Here at UNSW, we want to reward your passion, creativity and potential to succeed in your degree area. That's why from Term 1 2024, we’ll be evolving our UNSW Portfolio Entry Scheme to offer early conditional offers, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your passion and talent alongside your ATAR. Successful applicants will receive an early conditional offer with an adjusted ATAR entry requirement up to 10 ATAR points below the lowest selection rank for a specific degree or range of related degrees.

If this sounds like you, we want to see your portfolio submission. It’s an easy, online process and can only ever boost your chances of admission. What you submit in your portfolio will depend on which degree you’re interested in. Remember, your UNSW Portfolio Entry submission needs to be completed in addition to your UAC application.

Why I chose to study Arts?
Studying for her HSC, Akala Newman was worried she wouldn’t get into her arts degree. ‘I love academia, but it doesn’t come naturally to me,’ she says. ‘I’m not built that way.’ 

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Term 2 Parent Education program

We are thrilled to announce Glenaeon's Parent Education program for Term 2 - don't miss these engaging, thought-provoking and helpful events available for you to join. Click below and secure your places.

Term 2 Parent Education - 8 events!

Term 2 Parent Education: Supper Book Club Conversations with Diana Drummond - 13 June

Ever wondered why you or your children find it increasingly difficult to pay attention or stay focused for long periods? In his book, New-York Times bestselling author of Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention, Johann Hari investigates how aspects of modern life, particularly technology, have hijacked our mind’s ability to concentrate. It is a fascinating read and will be the topic of this special Supper Book Club discussion.
Come along to talk about the book and what we can all do to get our focus back, for the sake of ourselves, and our children.

Hosted by Head of School, Diana Drummond.
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School Castlecrag Campus
7:00pm – 8:00pm
121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag NSW 2068
Supper provided: Wine & cheese

To register:

Lorriane Cushing-Kleber Workshop Recording

We hope you enjoyed the wealth of information shared by psychologist Lorriane Cushing-Kleber! Lorraine’s talk “Raising Adolescents and Enjoying the Journey” covered information on brain development, communication strategies, and emotional regulation. Topics that are so helpful for parenting at all stages and particularly during the adolescent years.

If you missed the talk, or would like to watch it again, it is now available on the GLO Parent Education page

2023 and 2024 Term Dates

Please note, these dates were updated as of 12/05/23. If you have marked your calendars before this date, please reference below for the correct dates. We send our heartfelt apologies for any inconvenience.

2023 Term Dates

Term 1 Wednesday 1st February – Wednesday 5th April

Term 2 Wednesday 26th April – Wednesday 28th June

Term 3 Wednesday 19th July – Wednesday 20th September

Term 4 Wednesday 11th October – Friday 8th December

2024 Term Dates

Term 1 Wednesday 31st January – Wednesday 10th April

Term 2 Wednesday 1st May – Wednesday 3rd July

Term 3 Wednesday 24th July – Wednesday 25th September

Term 4 Monday 14th October – Wednesday 11th December  

Glenaeon Newsletter Publishing Schedule 2023

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Rental Accommodation Needed

Glenaeon staffer looking for long term rental. Ideally a 1 or 2 bedroom unit or granny flat within the Lindfield, Killara, Cammeray, Northbridge, Chatswood, Artarmon, Lane Cove or Naremburn areas or any suburb within a 15 min drive to Middle Cove. Looking to move in from 23 June or close to that date. No pets, non-smoker. Rental budget is $500 pw. If you have, or know of a property as described, please contact Mary via email

Date Night Babysitting

Managing Academic Stress Workshop

Motiv8 Sports

The Cat in the Hat at The Concourse

The Cat in the Hat is coming to The Concourse Chatswood in the July school holidays - Sunday, 9th July! For more information on the show please visit our Facebook page: or website: