Glenaeon Newsletter September 15, 2023

Honouring Jonas

 Death may be terrible for the human being so long as he remains in the body. But when he has passed through the Gate of Death and looks back at his entrance into the Spiritual World, it is the most beautiful, the most wonderful, and the most glorious event.
- Rudolf Steiner

Our hearts ache for the loss of our dear friend, colleague, teacher and coach, Jonas. Our school grieves and we are sad collectively, and as individuals, as we begin to come to terms with a new reality.  This last week has been one of incredible hardship, and yet, the strength of this amazing community shines ever brightly.  Our students have supported each other and their teachers with wisdom and grace beyond their years, and the sound of their laughter and conversation across our campus’ has been tonic for our souls, and we are grateful for the outpouring of support from parents, carers and the extended Glenaeon community. Thank you.

Parents and Carers will have received notice of Jonas’ funeral tomorrow: 10am, Armenian Apostolic Church. 10 Macquarie St., Chatswood. We will share plans for a community tribute to Jonas early in Term 4.

Today our students at the Middle Cove campus created a mandala to honour Jonas and spend time together, and overall, they have traversed these hard days with such compassion for each other and for their teachers. As we head into the final days of Term 3, we will continue to actively support students and staff through additional resources. This holiday break will be especially important for families and staff to be together. Please take care over this time.

Good Luck Year 12!

Our Year 12s finish formal classes at the end of this term, marking an important milestone in their learning and life journey. Congratulations Year 12 and thank-you for all you have done to create a positive culture for others to follow. Your example has been one of shining positivity and warmth. You are a wonderful group of young adults!  We look forward to marking your final days next week with some special traditions and to celebrating the end of exams later in the year.

Diana Drummond
Head of School

Home Made Cake Stall & Coffee Shop

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Junior Masterchefs, 

As is the custom, the Family Fair will feature both a 'Home Made Cake Stall' and a ‘Coffee Shop’. All items for sale on both these stalls come from the wonderful efforts of the Glenaeon families, whom we are asking to provide either a: 

  • Whole cake 
  • Batch or two of individual muffins 
  • Slices 
  • Cup cakes 
  • Scones 
  • Biscuits

Gluten-free and other allergen-free cakes are always very popular. Please, all recipes must be NUT FREE. Anything that looks delicious will sell! With the Spring holidays nearly upon us, now is the time to test your recipes before the fair.

Click Show More for two recipes from the cake stall archives that look a treat.


Show more

Fair Stallholder Applications

Applications for Market Stalls at the Glenaeon Family Fair close today, Friday 15th September. Last chance to apply and join us on the day. Products offered should be aligned with Steiner values, for example retailers and hobby artists offering handmade toys, eco-friendly or fair-trade homewares, sustainable clothing and accessories, etc. For more information, please visit our website at

Art & Craft Silent Auction

Once again, this year's Fair will feature an Art & Craft Silent Auction. Each class has been asked to create a unique piece of artwork for the Auction and each piece will be displayed at the Fair for silent bids.

We would also like to extend an invitation to other members of the Glenaeon community – parents, grandparents, individual students, individual teachers, alumni, neighbours and friends – to contribute to the Art & Craft Silent Auction.

All mediums will be considered and your donations of time and talent will add to the beautiful display of works, and of course, contribute to the Fair’s fundraising. If you would like to participate, please contact:

Melanie Harper – 0438622644 /

There’s plenty of time to get inspired and start on a project!

Popcorn Machine Needed

After the huge demand for popcorn at last year’s fair, Class 3 is seeking an additional commercial style popcorn machine to use on the day. If anyone has one that we could borrow or hire, or has contacts to access another machine, please contact Deahne Moore on 0401 227 037 or

Other Fair Donations

We are also still looking for donations of Books, Clothes, Toys and Fabulous Raffle Prizes! Please help spread the word and contribute where you can.

GlenX Reunion 2023 - 16 September - Tomorrow

We are thrilled to host and welcome alumni to the 2023 GlenX Reunion tomorrow afternoon Saturday, 16th September, 3pm-6pm.
Last Chance To Book

To All Alumni - if you are yet to join the Glenaeon Alumni Facebook Group please do so to receive updates.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Glenaeon Family Fair 2023 - 4 November

Glenaeon Family Fair 2023

New Cake Stall information added

*Please click here to view the full Glenaeon Family Fair section of the newsletter for more information*

We look forward to inviting our School community to the Annual Glenaeon Family Fair on Saturday, 4th November 2023 from 10am-4pm at our Castlecrag Campus, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag. We can't wait to welcome you for a day of family fun this Spring.

Please note: Applications for market stalls close today, 15th September, and that the last date for Raffle donations is 30th September.




Playgroups Bookings Open for Term 4

Glenaeon’s family-style Playgroups are joyful and supportive of you and your child’s development. 

Our highly skilled Steiner Playgroup Educators create imaginative activities to ensure families enjoy an enriching, uplifting time together. We welcome all families with children from birth to five years of age.

Each Playgroup meets once a week and is led by a qualified Steiner Early Childhood Educator who guides the group through a two-hour dynamic session including adult discussion. 

  • Stories and songs, circle activities and free-play both indoors and outdoors, reflect the seasons of the year. 
  • A shared nourishing morning tea is a cornerstone of the occasion. 
  • Everyone develops multiple skills for crafting a happy healthy home. 
  • Our colourful Playgroup rooms are furnished with quality handmade toys while natural gardens are a safe haven for explorative active tactile play. 
  • Playgroup Educators Sandra Frain, Nancy Amini, Natalie Choo and Naoko Murphy are Professional Steiner Early Childhood Educators with a wealth of experience creating dynamic educational programs for all ages. 

You are warmly invited to join our ‘Welcome Home’ Playgroup

Weekly sessions per School Term

Monday 9:30am-11:30am | Wednesday 9:00am-11:00am

Willoughby Campus 118 Sydney Street, Willoughby

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30am-11:30am

Castlecrag Campus 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag

Bookings Now Open

Willoughby Campus

Mondays 9th October until 4th December for 9 weeks $270 for TERM 4

Wednesdays 11th October until 6th December for 9 weeks $270 for TERM 4

Castlecrag Campus

Mondays 16 th October until 4th December for 8 weeks $240 for TERM 4 


Tuesdays 17th October until 5th December for 8 weeks $240 for TERM 4

Wednesdays 11th October until 6th December for 9 weeks $270 for TERM 4

Thursdays 12th October until 7th December for 9 weeks $270 for TERM 4

Fridays 13th October until 8th December for 9 weeks $270 for TERM 4

Fee $30 per session: Payment per TERM


Siblings receive a 50% discount on fee, and a sibling of a Playgroup enrolled child under the age of 12 months is free. 

To book, enquire or add your child’s name to the waitlist, please email or phone: 02 9932 2340

Japanese Immersion Playgroup 

Mondays at Castlecrag Campus 9:30-11:30: led by Playgroup Educator Naoko Murphy.

This playgroup will follow the ‘family style’ model of Glenaeon’s other Playgroups: Birth to 5 years with song, story, baking and shared morning tea picnic with adult discussion.  All families are welcome with preference to families with a sibling who currently attends Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School.



Little Kindy Wet Felted Coasters for Father's Day

Our Little Kindy children made wet felted coasters for their Father’s Day gifts. We had many helpers in the room for every step. We prepared the fleece, rubbed it with warm soapy water and rolled and rolled it until it was felted well. The children then cut the felt into a coaster shape and felted some more before hanging it out to dry and ironing it. The perfect friend for a hot or cold beverage.

Junko Nicholas
Kindergarten & Japanese Teacher

Big Kindy Father's Day Bushwalk and BBQ

What a fabulous afternoon we had celebrating with our lovely Dads and Granddads for Father’s Day. We set out on our usual Friday bushwalk with extra dads in tow, down the bushy track to Warners Park where we found the rest of our dads and granddads waiting for us. Following a dad powered play, we gathered in a giant circle to share our blessing before enjoying a lovely BBQ lunch together.

A special thank you must go out to Arlo's Dad, James, for very generously providing all those yummy sausages. And of course, a huge thank you to Nevra's Dad, David, for not only lugging his own barbecue to the site, but also for organising and cooking those yummy snags and providing rolls, salads, sauces and watermelon. What a wonderful effort and afternoon, thank you everyone.

Melanie Harper
Kindergarten Teacher

Yr 12 Students Represent Glenaeon at the [EX]plore Science Extension Conference

In the spirit of our ongoing commitment to academic excellence, we are delighted to share the outstanding achievements of our Year 12 Science Extension students from Glenaeon. On Monday, September 11th, Alex S., Jolan L., Anouk S., Nathan S., and Maadi P. represented our school at the [EX]plore Science Extension Conference hosted at Macquarie University.

In a remarkable showcase attended by over 200 students, educators, and university scholars, Nathan and Maadi were chosen to present their research projects, standing alongside 11 other exceptional students hailing from schools such as Abbotsleigh, SHORE, and St Joseph’s College. Their presentations were met with enthusiasm and admiration, captivating the audience with their passion for scientific inquiry.

Additionally, Alex, Jolan, and Anouk exhibited their research projects in the form of posters, joining a group of 60 students from various schools across New South Wales. Anouk's poster, in particular, left a lasting impression and earned her the well-deserved 1st prize.

We take immense pride in the accomplishments of these talented students, showcasing Glenaeon's commitment to fostering excellence in science education. Their dedication and achievements are a testament to the bright future that awaits them, and we eagerly anticipate their continued success. Congratulations to all!

Stanley Tang 
Director of Studies
Science, Mathematics Teacher and High School Mentor

Careers News with Rod Mounjed

You will now find Careers News in the Middle Cove section of the Newsletter - specifically for Yr 9-12 students.

For Careers Updates handpicked by Glenaeon's Careers Adviser Rod Mounjed, please visit GLO and click on the Careers News tile.

Debating and Public Speaking Term 4 - register now

Meet the Team - Tanya McCall

We are delighted to welcome Tanya McCall to Glenaeon as our new Head of Drama. Tanya will join us from the start of Term 4 after finishing up at Noosa Pengari Steiner School. Tanya impressed us with her obvious passion for theatre, the creative process and Drama teaching, and of course, her understanding of Steiner Education.

Here are some words from Tanya:

Drama and education have been the building blocks of my life. My passion for drama began at an early age in primary school, I took extracurricular lessons in Speech and Drama where I developed an appreciation for poetry, plays and performance. Through my high school years, I was involved in community theatre productions around the Sunshine Coast where I sought experiences that evoked the creative, imaginative, and intuitive impulses that are enlivened in the theatre making process.

Following high school, I completed a three-year performance-based Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Acting at the University of Southern Queensland. This intensive course provided opportunities for me to develop my knowledge and understanding of theatre styles and forms whilst honing my craft as an Actor. After living, working, and travelling abroad in a variety of settings, I resettled in Australia to undertake further studies in drama education at the Queensland University of Technology.

Thus far, my career as a teacher and artist has been richly rewarding and fulfilling. For the past five years, I have been employed at Noosa Pengari Steiner School where I am the Coordinator of Senior Drama and English. In my time at Noosa Pengari Steiner School, I have essentially worked in a Head of Drama and English role designing work programs and engaging with all aspects of student assessment processes including endorsement, confirmation, and moderation for the Queensland Certificate in Education.

Over the years, I have directed several small scale/studio productions and worked collaboratively with colleagues on whole school musical theatre productions for students from years 7 to year 12. I have organised opportunities for passionate drama students to experience live theatre and engage in drama workshops and extracurricular performances. I am most in my ‘element’ when I am fully absorbed in the creative process of theatre making.

This is where I feel I can do my best and most meaningful work; providing a space where students can tap into their own imaginative and creative capacities; building confidence, exploring the human condition or at the very least, having fun!

Throughout my years of teaching, I have maintained a strong connection to my own creative practices and been involved in many theatre and film productions. Most recently, I worked for D.I.V.E Collective, a small company of artists based on the Sunshine Coast where I was involved in devising and performing two productions as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival.

It has been a wonderful experience to be a member of staff at Noosa Pengari Steiner School where Rudolf Steiner’s philosophies are living through a vibrant curriculum. Working with students in a setting where creativity and the Performing Arts are respected and valued across all year levels has been the perfect springboard to the next step in my career and I am so excited to work with the staff and students at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School in Term 4.

Glenaeon Garden Culture

Eco Literacy, Friends & Pests In Our Gardens: Part 2

Indigenous heart intelligence and biodynamic regenerative agriculture

From Indigenous culture we learn that when the wattles flower, the mullet fish run. In the Time of Murrai’yunggoray (September - October), as the weather warms and the Miwa Gawaian (Waratah) buds swell, the D’harawal people began their major ceremonies in celebration of the new life promised by this season.

In Glenaeon’s gardens we invite everyone to practise active observation before deciding on our actions of care. We sing to the garden “what story, what story do you tell? What story do you tell?” and then we articulate:

  • The bees are saying “thank you for planting the zinnia seeds and caring for them”; the zinnias are saying “thank you to the bees for helping to pollinate us so we can make seeds for new flowers”.
  • Our Mother Earth is saying “I am so thirsty without rain - will you please water me today? If my soil gets too dry the insects will be thirsty and eat the plants to find water.”
  • The bush turkeys parading and  scratching in the garden bed inform us that the lettuces need some protection.

Setting boundaries

While newly planted flowers and seeds are getting established in the soil we protect them with nets or fences built by the students. As plants grow bigger and stronger we uncover the plants so that humans and animals can harvest  what they need. This is a principle of both biodynamic and Indigenous agriculture: we must ensure that the birds and animals have enough to eat too.

In Glenaeon's gardens:

● We practise principles that Indigenous and wise farmers share around the world: never pick the first or the last of the crop for the future of life itself. (For example, when we harvest our lettuce or silverbeet we always leave 3 leaves so the plant keeps growing new leaves).

● We have fish in the water garden to help keep mosquitoes away. Some plants are particularly helpful in deterring certain insects, and are carefully planted around gathering and play areas: tansy, with a camphor-like scent that repels ants and flies, while citronella and lemongrass' smells deter mosquitoes.

● We scatter crushed eggshells around particular plants to discourage snails and slugs that might be nibbling too much of our food. When Preschool and Castlecrag students find snails and slugs they carefully move them to non (human) edible bushes (or even build homes for them with leaves and sticks), and when students find inch grubs they feed them to our grateful chickens.

● We use tree paste to cover pruned branches or damaged trees to protect them from ants and other insects while they heal. Biodynamic tree paste is made with 3 equal parts of clay, cow manure and sand, mixed with water to make a spreadable paste.

Indigenous peoples have totems and special animal images to help keep unwanted visitors away. We have scarecrows, representing a human presence in the garden. While the kookaburras may laugh at our scarecrows, we like to think of them as friends: ever so helpful at catching native rodents. 

Want to join our holiday chicken care team? Got a question, story or idea to share? The Glenaeon Garden Team would love to hear from you!

Sandra Frain (and Parent Garden Volunteers)
Gardening Teacher


Father’s Day Food Lovers Unite

Glenaeon’s playgroup to high school sourdough bread enthusiasts shook cream until it became butter, dripped yoghurt until it made cream cheese, and kneaded dough until it was ‘soft as an ear lobe’ on 2023’s sunny Father’s Day.

The kneaded creations were embellished with garden edibles and transformed in the Castlecrag Kitchen ovens for take-homes, along with rye flour sourdough ‘starter’ jars and recipe booklets.

Learning of the alchemy of fermentation to make sourdough bread was exciting for adults and youth alike, as children played outside the Marion Mahony Griffin Hall kitchen on the fresh grass and inviting sandpit.

A ‘morning tea’ of freshly made sourdough bread, cream cheese, butter (and Junko’s miso!) washed down with our Castlecrag garden herbal tea vanished in no time. Thank you to all the participants who came and created a social alchemy on Father’s Day. Love was in the air!



Scribes and Readers

The School is looking for scribes and readers for the 2023 school year to assist students with their examinations and assessments. Scribes and readers are required to have a current WWCC number (this will be voluntary/unpaid work). Should you be interested in assisting please email Jenny Callagher (HR Manager) at by as soon as possible.

Dates and times we require a Reader and Scribe for our students are:

Wednesday 11 October 9:30am – 12pm
Thursday 12 October  9am – 12pm
Thursday 19 October 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Monday 23 October 9am -1pm
Wednesday 1 November  1:30pm – 4pm

Hosting Japanese Students

We are still welcoming interest for Glenaeon families to host our visiting students from Hamamatsu Nittai Junior High School in Shizuoka, Japan. The students are here from the 12th - 21st November to experience Australian culture and our style of family life, and to improve their spoken English.
If you are interested in becoming a host, please read the host information here and get in touch with the agency.

CIP Deadline Wednesday 20th September

The Community Involvement Program provides parents with many ways to contribute their energy and service to the school. The CIP allocates 32 hours of involvement per year to each family with the option for families to recover this cost by volunteering at numerous tasks and events.

Thank you to all the wonderful Parents and Carers who have donated their time to the school this term. A reminder that your CIP form for term 3 is due by Wednesday, 20th September. For more information about the Community Involvement Program, and to fill out the form, click here.

The Gentle Café - Closed Next Week

The Gentle Café at Middle Cove Campus will be closed next week and during the spring break. It will reopen on the first day of Term 4.
A reminder to pack your own nourishing recess and lunch for the final days of term next week.

Glenaeon Holiday Care Spring 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

Attached is the flyer for our upcoming holiday care at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School.
All children from all schools are welcome to attend.
PLEASE NOTE: We have made an increase in our fees. can book at the usual rate of $100 / day IF YOU BOOK BEFORE SEPT 21!

Bookings can me made at
We look forward to some beautiful Spring activities with the children,
Margaret & The OOSH Team

Holiday Care Activities and Information here

Charter Bus Bookings Term 4 2023

Charter Bus Bookings Term 4 2023

The charter bus bookings will open on Monday 18/09/2023 until 10/10/2023 for Term 4, 2023. Please be aware that the seats on our charter buses are limited. To allow adequate planning and capacity to be available for all students using the charter buses, please make your booking by the latest 10/10/2023.
Here's the link to book: Glenaeon Learning Online (GLO) - Glenaeon Charter Bus Bookings
Please email if you have any questions or need assistance with booking the bus.

Grassroots Eco Store - Wholesome Activities For the Holidays

There are lots of ideas in-store to keep you and your children creatively engaged during the school holidays. Our shelves are brimming with a fresh supply of art & craft materials and you'll find inspiration for beautiful nature craft projects in our new collection of 'Your Wild Books' - full of activities for creative expression.

Here are some of our favourite activities for wholesome outdoor fun;

• Skip and play with our Rainbow Skipping Ropes

• Relive the classic playground jumping game, Elastics

• Introduce the art of woodwork with our Whittling Peelers

• Enjoy running in wide open spaces with our fabulous Rainbow Kites (lots of fun to use at the beach)

And if you're heading off on a long car trip these holidays a set of Lou Harvey-Zahra's Happy Car Games will provide hours of road trip entertainment!

Our online store remains open throughout the school holidays, with free local delivery available

Join us for our School Holiday Shopping Day: Thursday 28 September from 10am to 3:30pm.

Term 3, 2023  – Opening Hours:

Tuesday: 8:30am—12pm & 2pm—3:45pm
Wednesday: 8:30am—12:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am—12pm & 2pm—3:45pm
Friday: 8:30am—12pm & 2pm—3:45pm

Thank you for shopping locally. A portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon.
Grassroots Eco Store is located on the Glenaeon Castlecrag Campus, next to the Marion Mahony Griffin Hall. 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag.

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A Note From The GPA

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are reeling from the shock and grief of Jonas’ accident and passing. What has come to pass feels unfathomable. Our deepest, most heart-felt condolences and love go to his family right now. 

We wholeheartedly want to acknowledge and thank the leadership, board, teachers and staff of our incredible school for how they have shepherded us all over the past week. Nothing could have adequately prepared them for the monumental challenge they unhesitatingly stepped into. The acute, immediate needs of so many had to be anticipated, considered and attended to. Undoubtedly much much, more happened behind the scenes than what we were able to see, hear about or appreciate. All of this has been done with love, compassion, meticulous attention to detail and whole-hearted care for our children and us as parents and carers. Our community has been profoundly blessed by that care.

Last Monday, on behalf of you all, the GPA delivered some flowers and a note to Middle Cove reception. It is a small acknowledgement of our deep gratitude for what has been so generously, selflessly provided.

We have also been deeply touched by the many gestures and thoughts that we’ve heard taking place across our community - joint prayers, thoughtfulness, offers of support to the teachers, care packages delivered, meditations, candle lightings, home gatherings and so much more.

‘In the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection’ as Rudolf Steiner has taught us. The reflection of our community is glorious, awe-inspiring, kaleidoscope of colour. May we continue to take care of ourselves and each other as we find our way forward.

Vale Jonas. May your spirit soar. You remain in a precious place in our hearts.

Sabine Simmonds & Warwick Brown
GPA Co-Chairs

Term 4, 2023 GPA Meeting

The GPA would like to invite all parents to the Term Four GPA meeting.
The Term 4 meeting always focuses on the Fair and finalises any last minute decisions needed.
We will also be hearing from Diana Drummond about the Year 7/8 play area update.
And of course, we will be remembering Jonas and how he inspired our children.

Tuesday 17 October 2023
7.00 – 9.00 pm

In person:
Hall Kitchen, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 835 9453 8518
Passcode: 394587

2023 and 2024 Term Dates

2023 Term Dates

Term 1 Wednesday 1st February – Wednesday 5th April

Term 2 Wednesday 26th April – Wednesday 28th June

Term 3 Wednesday 19th July – Wednesday 20th September

Term 4 Wednesday 11th October – Friday 8th December

2024 Term Dates

Term 1 Wednesday 31st January – Wednesday 10th April

Term 2 Wednesday 1st May – Wednesday 3rd July

Term 3 Wednesday 24th July – Wednesday 25th September

Term 4 Monday 14th October – Wednesday 11th December  

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Practical and Spiritual Aspects of Dying and Death Care - a Holistic Palliative Care Workshop

Senior Students Study Support

Parents Prepared - Drug and Alcohol Use & Young People Webinar

Teens & Emotional Health Webinar

Body Confident Children & Teens Webinar

2 Rabbits Need a New Home

We have 2 incredibly cute Bella Mini Lops rabbits that need a home. Peach and Lola who are 2 years old. They must not be separated as they adore each other. They have been desexed. We have a pen that they sleep in and one to put them out in during the day on the grass.
If interested, please contact Julia on

Violin For Sale

Full size Schroeder violin for sale.

Please contact Julia 0414585870

The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation Shrek the Musical

Willoughby Library


North Sydney Basketball School Holiday Program

Soccer Friendship Cup & Holiday Program

Motiv8 Sports School Holiday Program

Spring School Holiday Program

Art and Craft School Holiday Program