Yr 9 The Cove

28 February 2024

Year 9 has started their Cove journey as we gathered to take part in physical and social challenges and games that are both exciting and interesting. Students learned to communicate better with their peers and regulate emotions whilst appreciating the beautiful and peaceful environment along the bushland of Scotts Creek.

Students have started to develop deeper connections with their peers outside of their social group as it is the only time they are together as a cohort. Together, we are supporting the students through being inclusive of everyone and having fun working together collaboratively. This is a crucial time of their social, physical, emotional and mental development as they navigate the threshold between childhood and adulthood.

Pictured below are some of the fun group challenges students engaged in; building sculptures using material they can find, balancing on small items and reversing the order in which students stood without falling off and crossing the little foot bridge across in a very delicate manner using only certain methods for the whole group to get across as well as the human knot challenge. All of which allowed students to take turns leading.