Yr 8 Projects

18 October 2023

In Week 1 this term, our Year 8 students showcased their year long projects in the Sylvia Brose Hall. This was an opportunity to delve into an area of interest, further a passion, develop new skills. pivot when necessary and watch a project come to fruition.

Once they decided what their project was going to be, every student kept a journal of their experience through writing, drawing, photography and/or film; and recorded and documented their ideas, thoughts, successes, and failures along the way. The Project process was also submitted at the end of the project as evidence and summarised on a poster which makes up part of the final display.

The showcase displayed outstanding results from oil paintings, short films, novels, drones, surfboards, a botanical energy drink, rock climbing bag, music, a cookbook, ghillie suit and more.

The Year 8 project gives students the opportunity to project manage, in their own way, and use their initiative, and creativity and, to a big degree, self-manage over an extended period of time.

Well done Year 8, we were all so impressed by your dedication and creations.