Yr 8 Get Creative with Anatomy Main Lesson

09 May 2023

Yr 8 students have been enjoying their first Main Lesson for Term 2 - Anatomy! This lesson takes a collaborative approach where Teachers, Raphaela Mazzone, Donna Miller and Alisan Smotlak integrate Science and Art to showcase the wonders of the human body. From studying the skull, to joints, to ligaments and tendons and fibrous connective tissues, the students use their own bodies and real-world examples to understand the elements that help us move.

One student asked "what does it feel like to tear a ligament?" and another student shared an experience that they had on a sporting field. A discussion then lead to what actually happens when you hear a 'crack' in your knuckle or neck and the short-term effects of joint inflammation.

The class then took pen to paper and practiced drawing parts of the muscular-skeletal systems in their Main Lesson books. Using colour, they were able to show the differentiation between tendons to ligaments.

The class also got creative by using clay to squeeze, roll and shape to create the femur bone with inspiration from real bone props.

This Main Lesson is a stunning example of how a typical science lesson can use Steiner philosophies to ignite new ways of learning. The Teachers take inspiration from Author and Philosopher Charles Kovacs who writes in his book 'Muscles and Bones' about The Threefold Human Being - thinking, feeling and willing. These practices always have the intention to allow students to explore and understand themselves, and the world around them.