Yr 8 Camp In Coonabarabran

01 November 2023

Yr 8 went up to Eric’s property in Coonabarabran to learn about ecology, which was connected to our Main Lesson on Earth Stewardship. The camp was grounded in learning to take care of the environment around us. It was a beautiful and inspiring experience!

The following exert was written by Edward W.: 

Camp was an insightful experience, full of learning and self-reflection. When we first got to the 1st camp sight it was raining and we all scrambled to set our tarps up, every night after that we got better and so did the weather. During the mornings that we walked from campsite to campsite we learned of the importance of bushland and biodiversity. Sometimes half-way through our walk we would drop our packs for 30 minutes and observe the plants and draw them in our notebooks. No matter what we were doing, we were learning to create a healthier world.