Yr 7 Fire Main Lesson

06 March 2024

Yr 7 are currently enjoying their Science Main Lesson where they are exploring chemical transformations. This included an introduction to fire, starting with observations and extending into the combustion process.

Teachers Cathy Bower and Yura Totsuka guided the class to the outdoor amphitheater and the students observed as the bon fire was lit. They could see the flames, feel the warmth and smell the embers. The observations were brought to life as Cathy told a dynamic story from Greek Mythology of Prometheus, a God of fire. She explained that Prometheus gave the gift of fire to human beings which made them powerful. Fire allowed them to make weapons for protection, tools to live and work with, cook their food and warm their cave.

Storytelling is at the heart of Main Lesson philosophy and allows students to discover and engage with the curriculum in different ways.