Yr 7 and 8 Digital Technologies

24 May 2024

Over the past six weeks Year 7 and Year 8 have been using microbits in their digital technology class with George. The microbits are programmable devices which allows students to get hands-on with coding and digital making. 
Students have coded devices which can help people. Ideas included devices which help elderly people who live on their own to alert their neighbours if they fall, or if a certain temperature is reached in their house. 
More recently students have coded a bit bot car, which they entered into the Bit Bot World Championships. After competing in a range of events, including tag, racing and sumo - the ultimate bit bot champions were. 
Year 7 - Coco, Evie and Bloom 
Year 8 - Ruben 
Well done both classes, we had a lot of fun - now onto Python!