Yr 12 Extension Science Student Research Seminar

16 February 2023

On Thursday afternoon, we gathered in the Lute Drummond building for the Year 12 Science Extension Students Research Seminar, where five curious students presented their research projects. 

Alex presented the project, Tracing the extinction pattern of Diprotodon optatum.

Anouk presented the project, The Distribution of parasitic mites on the wings and tails of bushland birds

Maadi presented the project, The effects of mass ratio on the chaos of the double pendulum system

Nathan presented the project, The effects of ocean gateways on global temperatures in the Oliocene

Jolan presented the project, Improving the accuracy of a simple object-detecting AI model

We thank Dr Stanley Tang for hosting and our brilliant panel of judges - science teachers, Dr Leyla Rasouli and Dr Hernan Carol-Garis and Mathematics teacher, Mr Frederic Hemming and external judge, Mr Manu Prasad.

Wishing you the very best of luck in your research endeavours!