Yr 11 Lake Argyle Expedition

13 July 2023

This year, Yr 11 students woke daily to the stunning sunrise over Western Australia’s Lake Argyle. We spent a stunning eight days watching every sun rise, and set, while journeying around the north western quarter of the lake powered only by our own bodies inside of our own canoes. Numerous starlit paddles across the still but gigantic dam, which had an abnormally high level for this time of year, providing fantastic access to beautiful beaches and grassy flats to stay under the shade of broad leaves trees. The bird life of the lake was exploding with the previous wet season finished, and we were treated to a full eleven day trip without so much as a drop of rain. Exploring gullies less traveled occasionally even resulted in a beautiful secluded pool of water, deep enough to swim in, surround by cycads and other broad leaved shade loving plant life. The final sunrise of their trip across the stunning lake will hopefully be an experience students do not soon forget.