Yr 10 Retreat Day

30 August 2023

On Monday 21st August, Year 10 participated in a Retreat Day. This day had been designed specifically with Year 10 in mind, and involved activities to increase wellbeing individually, and as a cohort.

The day began with a mindfulness bushwalk led by Mr Greenfield and Donna. After recess, our Student Wellbeing Coordinators, Andy and Emily, ran a session on resilience, which encouraged the students to reflect on what contributes to resilience and how we might encourage growth in this area.  The workshop culminated in Year 10 breaking off into small groups creating delightful artworks about what resilience “feels like, looks like and sounds like” to them.

A delicious lunch, which had been prepared by Year 10 students and families, and then thoughtfully set up by teachers, was then shared as a cohort. Following lunch, Year 10 joined in various team building activities hosted by Year 10 mentors and our Student Wellbeing Coordinators. Some of these included basketball, blindfold challenges, a mini World Cup and drama games. After each group had participated in each activity, staff and students came together to compete in a game of bullrush, students vs teachers. The day concluded with Year 10 in a circle, holding hands, sharing the afternoon verse together. 

Students made a lovely effort to thank mentors, teachers and our Student Wellbeing Coordinators for such a wonderful day, and it was a joy to witness Year 10 enjoying this dedicated time together.