Yr 10 PDHPE Extension Take Iron Cove Bay

23 August 2023

On the 20th August, a chilly, sunny Sunday morning, the students in the PE Extension assembled at 7:30am at the shores of the Iron Cove Bay in the Inner West of Sydney to complete a 7km road run. They had all trained for this run for 16 weeks, and were ready to tackle this very flat and beautiful course by the water’s edge to produce a potential personal best time (pb). This run was their practical assessment task for Term 3.

Anton, Alex, Leo, Ariella, Sam, Liam, Louis, Archer, Ryan, Max, Luka K., Lincoln ran their hearts out with Alex F. producing the fastest time for the morning with 31:58 min. Running is among the easiest sports to do, needing no equipment at all, and can be done anywhere at anytime. It is also a very healthy habit to establish and relevant to combat so many of our lifestyle-related diseases and mental illnesses. Students learn about these and the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle in class and on this morning they could prove to themselves just how far they had come with their training efforts.

Jonas Stoebe,
PDHPE Teacher & Co-Curricular Organiser