Glenaeon Musical - Les Misérables

25 January 2024

It's Opening Night!!!

Chookas to our Yr 10 students who will perform four Les Misérables School Edition shows over the next four days.

A huge thank you to our students, staff, parent volunteers, musicians and community who have worked tirelessly beyond measure to bring this iconic show to life at Glenaeon! Parents have joined staff to come in on weekends and after work to help build sets, sew costumes, prepare and repair stage items. Our musicians have been so dedicated in working with our students in what will be an amazing four performances.

Thank you to Head of Music Ian Munns who will lead the musical score and Head of Drama Tanya McCall who has lead the students and directed the production. Thank you Evan Sanders in your expert stage, production and tech support and Raphaela Mazzone who has lead the team on props and costume planning and creation with the help of student and parent volunteers. We will refrain from naming any more names in fear of missing anyone who has worked with such tenacity and joy on this project. We see you and we thank you!

All shows are SOLD OUT and here is a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of the tech run through.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend of performances!