Yoga at sunrise for Year 9s in The Cove

20 August 2020

The early morning Year 9 program, The Cove, supports the wellbeing of our middle High School students by providing an opportunity to connect, build skills, gain fitness, engage with nature and learn about themselves and others. As seen in the photos, students worked in teams to undergo several tasks during a rainy morning earlier in the term.  Yogi Heidi Horne is also bringing the experience of breathing and mindfulness to The Cove, and doing it outside, in our beautiful surrounds, amplifies the experience and benefits the students. As a teacher, it is exciting to listen to students discussing the sunrise they saw on the way to school, the intensity of the colours and how impressive it was.  Hearing the birds, while the students are challenged to hold balance and poses or physically move through the bush, is a gift that makes our job so special. Our students trust us, and as a result, the benefits of this special program will far outlive their school experience. Donna Miller