Year 9's The Cove, builds character

10 February 2021

The Year 9 cohort's program The Cove started this week. All Year 9 students showed up at the early time of 7:30am to immerse themselves in the beautiful bush surrounding the school. A 1.5 km run saw them crossing Scotts Creek on the footbridge below the school and everyone gathered at the natural ledge overlooking the creek from high above on the other side. There we sat and exchanged ideas. They heard about the program's purpose and the activities they'll be involved in over the year ahead.

The program aims to instill a sense of belonging, and a better connection to place. It also fosters a sense for community and will involve activities that improve their fitness, yoga, mindfulness exercises, talking circles, cooperative games and activities in which the students reflect on their observations and ideas we discuss together.

The year-end brings the highlight of an amazing race through the city in late November, The Cove's Character Challenge in which all those skills both physical and social/emotional will be put to the test when they work together in groups.

This is the third year The Cove program has been implemented successfully. This year’s Year 9 students will benefit from the fact that the whole cohort works together, outdoors through the seasons, surrounded by nature and by gaining a deeper understanding of themselves as well as their classmates through a shared experience.

We wish them all a successful year and both Donna and I are looking forward to spending valuable and formative moments with them throughout the year.

Jonas Stoebe
PDHPE Teacher & Co-curricular Organiser



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