Year 9 Wolgan trip

06 May 2021

The Wolgan trip started
on last Friday morn
As we pulled up with buses,
to find bags on the lawn

Students with parents,
the parents looked on,
As the buses were loaded,
then the students were gone.

We’ll miss you they cried
and waved as we drove,
thinking “at least we don’t have to
get up for the Cove”

And off we drove
and drove some more,
How many hours did it take?
Hrmm, maybe four.

When we finally arrived
and we got to alight,
We breathed in the Wolgan
Then prepared for first night.

Some went to climb
And others to canyon
Some simply walked
With their closest companion

There were glorious vistas
around every corner
We saw pink flannel flowers
and some other cool fauna.

So we climbed and walked and then walked some more,
I don’t think anyone could call that trip a bore!