Year 9 visit Warrah Specialist School

02 August 2019

Year 9 participated in their second visit to Warrah Specialist School today and really got a taste of some of the valuable work that goes on there.

They had a rewarding tour of the bio-dynamic farm where they also met the cows and alpaca and spent time with the residents and students of Warrah. Visiting the shop was a highlight, seeing the incredible produce and other goodies available to the community. They also learnt about the organic boxes available from their farm to our own community through weekly boxes that are delivered to Glenaeon Castlecrag campus. They got an appreciation of the cost of organic food and were pleased to spend their money on such worthy food. Meeting Richard then lead them to an important part of the day - staining and preparing planks for a beautiful deck being built for the community Centre on site. Following a shared lunch with 21 Warrah students, we played games on the beautiful oval where gaining treasure was the aim. Our students connected so well with Warrah students and both groups are keen to see each other again next term. - Donna Miller . See :