Year 8 Tangible Textiles

06 April 2022

This term the Year 8 students have made some explorations into the world of textiles as part of the D&T course in Stage 4.

Together they have considered some of the technical developments that have revolutionised the textile industry and why now there is a growing movement that emphasizes the need for more innovation, ethical and sustainable practice.

Ava researched a textile designer who uses mushroom leather made with mycelium created from Oyster mushrooms. Both Nicholas and Ava shared with the class, their research about Stella McCartney, a famous ethical designer, who developed the Falabella bag.

 One of the features in this sustainable trend in the textile industry, is a return to hand stitching, be it mending or creating beautiful embroidery for embellishment. This includes slow stitching. In the photos you will see Tom trying out the treadle sewing machine for his stitched postcard project.

 The students have been machine stitching their own shorts as well as hand stitching designs on cotton fabric and then dyed with natural Indigo. Later they will turn the indigo pieces into beeswax wraps. They used different techniques such as felting and weaving to experience how fibres are manipulated to make varieties of cloth.

Here in the photos you can see the Year 8 students working in the textile room and outside in the garden planting three varieties of native plants that hopefully will grow and be used for eco printing and Indigo dyeing in the future.