Year 8 #STEM: How is a snake different to a dog? When English, Science, Maths and Technology come together!

23 July 2020

Last year, a select group of seven Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School Teachers attended a STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy, led by The University of Sydney, and we are very proudly a Partner School.

Today, we launched a learning project with our wonderful Year 8 co-hort. The setting was Florence, Italy, otherwise known to students as the Sylvia Brose Hall, which was transformed with Teachers in period costume, and theatre set designs, to transport students into the 1500s renaissance period during the Medici reign. The scene was a celebration of the upcoming marriage of Catherine de' Medici to Prince Henry of France. We cannot say too much more as we will give things away.  But this learning project today involved a dog, a snake and a spider, with students getting the opportunity to observe, sketch and write notes on animal movement.  There is a great deal of intrigue and a sense of wonder as to where this will all lead.

The STEM Academy will be evaluating this program and we will be documenting the outcomes and impacts of the Academy on teaching practice and student engagement. Stay tuned for updates in future newsletters.

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