Year 8 bushwalk into Earth Stewardship program

10 December 2022

Year 8 students ventured out to Coonabarabran and visited the Warrumbungles with the Outdoor Ed team. The trip is linked with the Year 8 Main Lesson on Earth Stewardship.

The Year 8 Earth Stewardship program is a new component of Glenaeon’s Outdoor and Environmental Education curriculum for years 7-12. This program has been developed to support the Earth Stewardship main lesson through providing a practical immersive experience that explores different aspects of the Earth as a ‘living organism’, human impacts, and the ways in which humans can support and facilitate the restoration of the Earth’s natural processes.

Amongst bushwalking and other activities the students explored the biosphere, to discover the important role insects play in the environment. The students were introduced to beekeeping and explored all aspects of hive life. Students also surveyed the insects found on the property and looked at the indicator species for healthy environments.

It was a wonderful experience for all student to connect with nature, and to further develop skills that were introduced earlier in the year, learning to be self -reliant and support others. Students enjoyed working effectively in groups, taking responsibility, preparing their own food and looking after one another.