Year 8 Anatomy Main Lesson - a body of work

03 June 2021

In this Year 8 Anatomy Main Lesson students learned not only about their body, bones and muscles, but also the engineering feat of who we are. They learned how our thinking is reflected, not only through the shape of our skull which houses our brain in stillness, feeling shown through our trunks, where the repeated bones of our ribs contain our heart and lungs and finally our will in the action of our limbs to cause us to do things.

Through artistic rendering, students gained knowledge and understanding of how Anatomy was explored during the Renaissance times and how the science of anatomy came into being.

There were so many fabulous Main Lesson workbooks, too many to showcase all here, but credit goes to: Cezar, Sappho, Dylan, Mathilda, Evie and Ruby, Lincoln, Archie, Henry and Joe.