Year 7's Archie swims at the AICES Swimming Championships

23 April 2021

Archie Carter in Year 7 made it through to the zone level AICES Swimming Championships late March to compete for Glenaeon and represent our sports association ISD. He swam in three events: 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly and 50m breaststroke.

Archie set a record for freestyle at our recent swimming carnival and won all his races at our carnival. We then checked his times and Archie qualified to be nominated for the AICES Swimming Championships.

Archie swam very well but ultimately did not qualify for the state level (CIS). However, it is a great achievement to swim at the AICES Swimming Championships in an Olympic swimming pool in the 2000 Sydney Olympics swim stadium in Sydney Olympic Park and battle it out with other very talented swimmers!

We congratulate Archie for his appearance and for representing our school on a bigger stage. Well done Archie!


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