Year 7 Medieval Festival

21 June 2023

In a world where process is increasingly undervalued, and the quickest way to a product is becoming the endgame, Glenaeon continues to teach students the value of sustained effort. This is evident across the school, from the carefully created main lesson books to the painstaking knitting of socks. From Class 1 to Year 8, every student in each class experiences the arduous process of developing a class play.
Connecting with the Main Lesson curriculum, Year 7 performed a Medieval Play Festival this year. Three casts delivered three historical plays including The Canterbury Tales, Robin Hood and Saint Joan. For some students, this was their first experience on the stage whilst for others it was a further development of dramatic skills. Though the final performance is always riveting, it is the weeks beforehand that matter.  The work the students do to learn their lines, develop their characters, support one another to overcome shyness or strengthen their voice, sing, dance, find costumes and remember props and scene changes is what works on their inner development.  The time, effort, patience and creative endeavour demanded of such work is the purpose of the class play, and it was a truly wonderful experience for the class who have deepened their sense of self and their connection to each other as a cohort.

We wish to thank all the parents and teachers who freely gave their time and effort to help make this play such a success!
Katherine Arconati 
Year 7 Teacher and Faculty Coordinator