Yr 7 Mechanics Main Lesson

22 November 2023

Yr 7 Mechanics Main Lesson covers simple machines and involves a world of experimental, hands-on learning. Lever, pullies, wheels, incline plane and wedge are ‘The Mighty Five’ simple machines explored. The students enjoyed an exciting catapult competition and to round out the lesson, students put real world skills to the test by changing a tyre from their teachers cars. 

In keeping with Steiner’s teachings, the focus of this main lesson is to unite the physical body with the thought consciousness of the principle mechanics. Students are involved in many physical tasks that use the principles of simple mechanics to better understand and experience the mechanics of the skeletal system and their own bodies.

Students explore the sources of power available from elements - earth, air, fire and water, the historical development of machines, ‘The Mighty Five’ and appreciate the services and danger of the mechanical world.