Year 12 Society & Culture - Dialogue with Industry Experts

10 March 2021

On Wednesday 3 March, Year 12 Society & Culture had a great opportunity to engage in a dialogue with Lindon Coombes, a proud and highly experienced Indigenous man currently serving as Industry Professor at the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research at UTS. He has served a political consultant to State and Federal governments, as well as CEO of Tranby Aboriginal College, National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, and Senior Policy Advisor at the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Professor Coombes was also the co-author of the recent Collingwood “Do Better” Report; the findings of which have reverberated well beyond the Collingwood Football Club.

We were delighted to welcome such an experienced industry professional into our classroom, via a Zoom call, to respond to students’ questions on our current HSC topic - contemporary issues surrounding the inclusion and exclusion of Indigenous Australians. Professor Coombes’ personal experiences and industry insights were invaluable and provided our students with a unique perspective and a much deeper understanding of the causes, impacts and challenges to overcoming a range of contemporary Indigenous issues.


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