Year 12 Science Extension Seminar

16 March 2020

Last month, the three Year 12 Science Extension students presented their research project proposals to 30 or so family members and friends. There was also a judging panel of science teachers and external scientists including Ms Yura Totsuka, Dr Hernan Carol-Garis, Dr Lori Hurley (Avian Physiologist and Ecologist) from Macquarie University and Trish Stockbridge (Curriculum Writer and Lecturer in Science Education) from The University of Sydney.

They have performed exceptionally well in explaining their complex research ideas to the audience. Their topics are as follows:

  • Finn Gladstone – evaluating the application of insulation on artificial rocks to provide suitable thermal ranges for velvet geckos
  • Justin Takayasu – the effect of pressure on the electrochemical windows of water-based electrolytes for use in double-layer capacitors
  • Keaun Wild – an assessment of compost quality based on carbon and nitrogen concentrations