Year 12: Exams in Unusual Times

19 August 2021



Year 12 students are currently hard at work and in the middle of their online HSC Trial examinations.

The students have shown significant flexibility and praiseworthy personal capacity during this very challenging time and it must be acknowledged that, although COVID hit us last year and the Year 12 cohort of 2020 were the first to be impacted by lockdowns, these fine young men and women of 2021 have had to face considerably greater challenges that have, most unfortunately, fallen at a very significant point in their HSC year! We stand in admiration of students and parents who have had to adjust to rapidly changing NSW Health and NESA advice, and who have found their final term of secondary schooling looking quite different. Celebrations of the students’ achievements which would usually be shared with parents, the broader school community and guests at Showcases and assemblies will be made available in digital form later in the year, but at this stage I would like to give you a glimpse into how they’re going, and they are travelling very well!

This image shows the upload process after a very successful English Standard and Advanced Paper 2 exam, completed under examination conditions and supervised via Zoom by Library Technician, Chris Tang and English Advanced Teacher, Jacqueline Rees. At the time of writing we have three days of exams behind us, and all processes have been running very smoothly … and may that continue (I am touching wood as I write this!).

Elizabeth Nevieve, Deputy Head of School (Years 7-12)