Year 12 2020 Farewell

29 September 2020

It's time to start bidding a fond farewell to our wonderful Year 12 cohort.  It’s been an extremely emotional time, not only for the students who are saying goodbye to their teachers and younger members of our Glenaeon community, but for the teachers and staff that have encouraged and inspired these people for many wonderful years, some since Preschool.

Their last day of Term 3 started with a final roll call and gathering with our Year 12 Guardian Yura Totsuka and Year 12 Advisor Brigitte Tietge-Rollans. Following on, in one of the great traditions of Glenaeon, all the students from Years 7-11 and Class 3-6 created a “walk through – guard of honour” with students flanking the main campus walkway through which the Year 12s strode for towards the Hall for their ‘well-wishing’ assembly.

There were tears shed as the school community gifted each of the Year 12 students with COVID safe hummed tunes, poems, a speech, musical performances and all presented with personalised and heartfelt keepsakes for them to remember their school life at Glenaeon. Deputy Head of School (Years 7-12) Elizabeth Nevieve wished the group well. “It has been wonderful to have witnessed your unfolding over the years, especially as I had the pleasure of having been your Class Guardian when we had that structure in place back in 2017! You have always been open to all that a Steiner education has to offer, and have embraced the humanities, sciences, technological subjects and arts (including eurythmy!) with equal interest and vigour. You hold a special place in my heart, and I wish you joyful and invigorating study throughout this upcoming preparation period and success in your examinations”.

Head of School Andrew Hill asked them to enjoy the heartfelt offerings from all the year levels as a parting gift to them, and looked forward to their return after the HSC exams when they would perform a Graduation Assembly as a final gift back to the school. He wished them well for their serious work over the next six weeks and sent them off with the classic line from The Eagles’ Hotel California, “You can check out any time you like, but you never leave”. While they were checking out today, he hoped their spirit would always be part of the Glenaeon community as GlenX.

Students were then cheered and clapped by the Year 11s and their teachers as they exited the Hall and made their way to out of the gates for their Mystery Tour. They enjoyed the day together with a beautiful lunch as prepared by Scottie Williams their Outdoor Education Coordinator on the banks of Scotts Creek, one of the wonderful local haunts where many memories have been created over their school years.

Our message to the Class of 2020: What a year it has been! Good luck with your examination preparations and we look forward to seeing you back after your exams for your graduation assembly. 


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