Year 11s get in front of Art

28 October 2022

Year 12, 2023 were lucky enough to visit the Daniel Boyd exhibition, Treasure Island, as they prepare to launch into their HSC year.  The benefits of seeing art live cannot be replicated on-line or from books.  So important for this level of study, as students of Visual Arts, it is essential to get in front of real art.  Some comments by the students:

“It was interesting to learn about how exhibitions are curated, and how the choices made as part of that process adds significant meaning to the artworks, the artist’s intentions, and something you can only fully understand if you see an exhibition in person.”

“Examining specific curation choices made, as well as materials used, size of the work, etc. is a million times more effective when explored physically, as us students spend hours on line every day and appreciate time away to fully immerse ourselves in the art.”

“Boyd is a contemporary artist challenging western history of colonisation.  His work grants insight into history from the perspective of the oppressor. Walking through his exhibition felt as if I was witness to a compilation of his person.”

“Going to the exhibition with my teacher and classmates helped me to think much more deeply about what was presented.  Discussion and reflection are paramount to being an art student.”