Year 11 art : Barangaroo building study

20 May 2019

The Year 11 Art students discovered some of the new futuristic architecture of SYDNEY

The Year 11 Art students, as part of their preliminary course, discovered some of the new futuristic architecture of SYDNEY by studying the Chau Chak Wing building, UTS building 11 and a site study at Barangaroo. The purpose of the investigation was to explore how architects use a visual language through their materials to find their concept. Sustainability was high on the agenda as part of the development brief of these works. The students were enlightened to the responsibility of the architects to produce art for the future. The importance of the impact of current development was also uncovered through discussions and presentations from the Project Personnel Brian Moore and Danielle Buhagiar. It was wonderful to be immersed in the urban aspects of our city and experience the spaces, materials and sculptural qualities of our current architecture. The visits have inspired and help to prepare students to develop their own concepts for an architectural model they will create in response to a brief and site study in the school.
Donna Miller, Art Teacher