Year 10s catch waves at Longy

25 February 2021

Our Year 10s are enjoying a term of surfing at Long Reef Beach or Collaroy Beach. Donning wet suits and rashie tops, the Year 10s last week managed to catch some waves at this beautiful Northern Beaches location. All students will learn to surf smaller waves over the term or improve existing skills, experiencing many benefits from the sessions including improved flexibility, muscle strengthening, stress relief and improved mental health from a dose of salt water, fresh air and time in the great outdoors! The long standing cooperation with Manly Surf School makes this great program possible as the students learn about the ocean, how to read rip currents, understand the surf better and gain a deeper understanding of the ocean as a playground shared by water creatures, swimmers and surfers alike. Even anxious or rather tentative students will get an introduction to this element that can have lasting positive effects on their relationship to the ocean and their wellbeing and mental health as they get gently introduced to a world they may not feel overly confident in to begin with.

Photo credit: Stanley Tang