Into The Woods – update from the Director

12 May 2022

The Year 10 Production of Into the Woods  is going extremely well.  It is always a mammoth task to produce and direct theatrically and musically a school Musical and it is certainly coming together through a group effort here at Glenaeon . A silent cast of staff have dedicated many hours of rehearsals, meetings, set, prop and stage building to get us this far.

Evan Sanders and Raphaela Mazzone have done an extraordinary job on the sets, I have been amazed at both their talents and dedication to the task. The design could easily be used in a professional production and the students are having so much fun working with the moving parts of the set. Elizabeth Nevieve has been working tirelessly with a group of students and helping them transform into a fearful and quite quirky wolf pack who will both dazzle you and disgust you. Ian Munns, Musical Director, has been seated at the piano for hours and hours, supporting the students with his enthusiasm for music and general cheery spirits. Accompanying and playing Sondheim is not an easy task and on top of that, he has diligently transposed several songs for the individual voices of the cast. Excellent stuff!

It is a challenging experience to rehearse and perform in a Musical such as Into the Woods and the Year 10 students are facing that experience with such joy and commitment. It has been an honour to be part of their journey. Some days Ian and I can barely get a word in as they are full to the brim with funny, exciting and inventive theatrical ideas. Now, 36 days out, we come to the stage in the rehearsal process that requires great discipline and patience. Climbing the second tier of the steep hill of challenge has begun. 

We are all very much looking forward to bringing our versions of  this complicated, philosophical and humorous musical story to the community of Glenaeon. See you at show!

Caroline Farrell - Director