Year 10 PE Extension class - the Sydney Bay Run Event

09 August 2019

The Year 10 PE extension class had their Term 3 Assessment Task on the weekend completing the Bay Run in the Inner west in Leichhardt. 

On Sunday 4th August at 7:30am we all gathered on the shores of the Iron Cove Bay to take part in the community run over 7km along the water’s edge. Despite some absences due to overseas exchanges the students present performed really well setting all PB (personal best) times, all completing the course in under 35 minutes! We all started off together in our Glenaeon sports uniform before each of them settled for their respective rhythm and speed to complete this great community run in a very formidable time. Bacon & egg sandwiches were in order after we had caught our breaths and enjoyed a group picture proudly sporting our participation medals around the necks!

The students had diligently trained for this event preparing with a run diary since the end of term 1 and were keen to finally put it all to the test. It is very pleasing to see that they all performed so well under real race conditions. Sophia Thompson, a runner from Year 8 also participated. - Jonas Stroebe..