Year 10 subject selections: Biology with Dr Stanley Tang

28 May 2020

Our spotlight on subject selections for Year 11 & 12 continues.  This story looks at Biology with Dr Stanley Tang...

Perhaps the COVID-19 global pandemic has peaked your child’s interest in joining the health care sector, or maybe they dream of saving marine wildlife?  Studying biology, whether for the career-path ahead, or because it feeds the soul, is a great subject choice. Our biology teacher, Dr Stanley Tang has a Master of Teaching (secondary Mathematics and Science) from the University of Sydney, a Doctor of Philosophy in Conservation Genetics and a Master of Applied Science (Zoology) from James Cook University and has been a Teacher at Glenaeon for the past two years. He also discovered the largest of the two remaining populations of the Black-throated Finch in the centre of the Adani Coal Mine. Stanley is a former volunteer at the Society of Conservation Biology (Sydney chapter) and was on the NSW Young Scientist Awards 2019 organisation committee for the Science Teachers Association of NSW. Now teaching full time, Stanley is committed to his students, studying birds and photography and thinks biology at Glenaeon is a truly exciting subject.

“The science of biology is mainly studying about life. It provides an in-depth, scientific understanding of the variations in the structures and functions of organisms, as well as the effects of the environment on living things. Biology also explores reproduction, inheritance patterns, the causes of genetic variation, and how they are applied in biotechnology and medical fields.

“At Glenaeon, doing biology means you will have many opportunities to work in the field with experts. Some great learning activities we have done in the past include bird banding, rock pool biodiversity research, invertebrate surveys, nocturnal spot-lighting and various genetic and medical workshops in university laboratories.”