Wrap with Love

05 August 2021

Wrap with Love is a lockdown project that our students can take part in via our Remote Learning Clubs (Knit for Love) Thursdays at 2:30pm for Class 3 to Year 10 and Craft Club on Friday’s at 2:30pm with Merryn Hamilton.  All students are invited to watch the pre-recorded videos by Elizabeth Ellean on Glenaeon Learning Online (GLO) to help your get started, and join the weekly Knit for Love or Craft Club to make the squares.

A Wrap With Love personal wrap comprises 28 squares, 25 cm x 25 cm (10 inches x 10 inches) sewn together in 4 rows by 7 rows to size 100cm x 175cm (40 inches x 70 inches) completed. A Wrap can be knitted, crocheted, machine knitted or woven , with wool, acrylic or lined patchwork.

Glenaeon will then coordinate delivery of the completed wraps to the ‘A Wrap With Love’ charity warehouse in Alexandria, NSW, then over forty non-denominational and non-political aid agencies distribute them to those in greatest need around the globe.  To find out more about Wrap with Love go to or if your child would like to participate in this wonderful school project, join the club on GLO!