WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Anne Marie Jonas Class of 1979

15 October 2020

Anne Marie Jonas graduated from Glenaeon in 1979 having started in Transition at Dalcross in 1967.  Transition was a year between Kindergarten and Class 1 and Dalcross was at Pymble for years Kindergarten to Class 2; Middle Cove was Class 3 onwards. 

This is her story...

What have you been doing since school?
When I left Glenaeon I went straight to work, before moving to Europe.  I went to University 12 years after leaving school.  It seemed travelling and working was a great combination and for the past 25 years I have flown for QANTAS on the International routes working in the First or Business Class cabins; finally using my language skills learnt at school and honed whilst living overseas.

What impact did Glenaeon have on your study/career choice?
I can’t directly say what impact Glenaeon had on my study/career choice but I feel the fact that my choices have always had a human element speaks volumes.  Over the years when people discover I’ve had a Steiner education they’d say (in a positive way) “that explains it” - particularly, when I worked in Merchant Banking (in the 1980’s), one elderly German gentleman added “you must of had extraordinary parents”.

What is your favourite memory of Glenaeon?
Doesn’t everybody, from my era, answer the “favourite memory” question with: “the Bamboo Patch” and watching the sewer bridge overflow?  I always liked school so I could say that’s a favourite memory.

What are you plans for the future?
Many of us must be wondering what our future plans are.  In my case as my wonderful working lifestyle has come to a grinding halt.  However, since early 2018, around the world, in my time between flights, I’ve spent hours developing a t-shirt for people with mobility issues.  I’ve called it Flex-A-Tee and stand down has given me time to pull everything together and to launch  

The idea was conceived to help my Mum with Alzheimer’s.  Her carers asked me to look for a top with a larger neckline; as sometimes she wouldn’t bend her arms and wasn’t so easy to dress.  So, look I did - I didn’t want a top that was low cut or wrap around - wasn’t there something with a couple of press studs at the neckline (like baby wear)? In a word, No!  Voila! Flex-A-Tee was born.

In Qantas we call a second job/exit strategy a “red webbing loop” (a reference to the handle in the floor of the door frame to be pulled in the event the emergency slide/raft doesn’t inflate).  Flex-A-Tee is my “red webbing loop “and I plan to continue to make good use of stand down and bring this adaptive/accessible/inclusive wear product to a wider audience.


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