Welcome to wonderful 2023

03 February 2022

‘Even the wisest can learn incalculably from children’ – Rudolf Steiner




A new school year begins
The school year is finally underway! It is a truth universally acknowledged that teachers and those involved in the business of running schools never sleep well in the nights before a new school year begins. Perhaps the same is true for parents too, and for our children.  The anticipation of a new year holds so much promise in its unwritten state: the narrative is yet to unfold, the characters only partly formed, the plot merely a series of predictable signposts that mark out a typical school year.  This is a good time to engage in conversation with your child about the year ahead. By listening deeply to their hopes, wishes and worries, parents and carers have an ideal opportunity to expose inner thoughts and feelings, and gain insight and wisdom about the most appropriate way to respond.  Class teachers, Mentors and Advisors are a wonderful source of support and connection at any time, but especially at the beginning of a new school year. Please feel very welcome to bring forward questions, wonderings and ideas.

It was indeed wonderful to welcome students back to Castlecrag and Middle Cove campus’ on Wednesday. What struck me? The confident and positive manner in which our students greeted their teachers, friends and new classmates.  Long may it continue! At Castlecrag, the beautiful Rainbow Bridge ceremony marked the start of the next chapter of learning and growing for those entering Class 1, and again, a sense of calm confidence was on display as our Kindergarten graduates gathered on the Class 1 balcony. 


Staff Seminar Days
Prior to the start of term, Glenaeon staff engaged in a series of professional learning sessions during our Seminar and Planning Days.  The 2023 Staff Days were designed for exploration of what it means to Build Meaningful Lives as custodians of the past and champions of the future. At the heart of this work lies a deep investigation into our school’s identity, our culture, our challenges, and the opportunities that await. We’ve only just begun and look forward to sharing this work with the wider community over the course of this year. Special thanks to our guest presenter, Nicole Ostini from Samford Valley Steiner School who provided a beautiful balance of assurance and provocation for us to carry forward, and to the fifteen Glenaeon teachers who led sessions. (Take a look at the photos in the gallery below.)

COVID-Safe Measures for Term 1
For some of our youngest learners, this new school year is unique, as it heralds the first for them without the global pandemic impacting usual operations to a significant degree.  It’s important for parents and carers to note however, that COVID-Safe measures are still in place at school this term and we ask that families are supportive of the School’s priority to keep our community safe.  Detailed information can be found below, in this newsletter.

  • The school will continue to implement good and encourage good hygiene practices including regular hand washing with soap and warm water and/or use of hand sanitiser;
  • Students, staff, and visitors should only attend school when they are well;
  • We will continue to send home students or staff displaying symptoms of being unwell, including cold and flu symptoms; and
  • From Term 1, teachers will no longer be posting work online for COVID-positive students. High School students are expected to liaise with and seek support from their subject teachers. 

New staff
This year we welcome a number of new staff who will be introduced over the course of the next few Newsletters.  Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the following teachers to the Glenaeon community.  You can read more details about each of them HERE.

  • Nicholas Greenfield, English and History Teacher, High School     
  • Frederic Hemming, Mathematics Teacher, High School    
  • Sally Mock, English and Society and Culture Teacher, High School
  • Leyla Rousouli, Science Teacher, High School
  • Jonathan Shaw, Class 1 Teacher, Primary School
  • Sarah Simmons, PDHPE Teacher, Primary School
  • Lydia Wilson, English Teacher, High School

On behalf of the entire Glenaeon community, a very warm welcome to you all.  We are thrilled to have you join the team.

New Parent Soiree
If you haven’t already, please RSVP to this special event next Friday. The Soiree provides an ideal opportunity to engage with other Glenaeon parents in a casual sand beautiful setting, and learn more about the opportunities available for parents within our community. See invite below.


With very best wishes,

Diana Drummond 
Head of School