Habits, Rhythms and a ‘cornucopia of new beginnings’

03 February 2022

Welcome Soiree

A magnificent Summer’s evening greeted the 170+ guests at the Middle Cove campus for the 2023 Welcome Soiree last Friday. To spend time as a community of involved parents and carers, in person, was indeed food for the soul. As I said during my welcome, we play a long game in education as we develop the young minds and hearts of the future. The nurturing of good humans takes patience, courage and often strength. I’m a strong believer in the partnership between families and schools and in the positive difference that can make in a child’s journey through school. True partnership involves intentional and active engagement, the ability to listen deeply and be open to diverse perspectives and intent on finding solutions to challenges that serve the needs of the child and the school. And so, I invite you to join us in partnership as we strive towards a shared purpose to develop meaningful lives.


The Glenaeon Parents Association (GPA)

The GPA held its first meeting of the year on Wednesday evening. It was heartening to have over 30 parents and carers join either in-person at Castlecrag, or via Zoom from home. One fundamental purpose of the GPA is in the promotion of parent and carer engagement through community building activities. Another is to provide an avenue through which parents and carers can learn more about what’s happening within the school. To that end, I was able to share on Wednesday two key questions I’m exploring with students, staff and Glenaeon families. A collected synthesis of responses will reveal insights into what our community values and perceives as important next steps for the school. Parents and Carers who were unable to be at Wednesday’s GPA meeting are welcome to provide their thoughts to me via The two questions are:

·         What’s something great about Glenaeon?

·         Broadly, what’s an important next step for the School?


Habits, Rhythms and a ‘cornucopia of new beginnings’

As we settle into the rhythms of the new school year, a pattern of weekly activity begins to emerge. There are new activities to try, new homework habits to establish, new routines to set and changing expectations with which to adjust. An abundance of opportunity indeed! Healthy study and play habits in children are developed and refined through modelling, repetitive practice, feedback, and on regular reflection centred on the needs of the child and the family. Be sure to check out Glenaeon’s co-curricular program of offerings for Semester 1 2023 on GLO and see which might be on interest to your child this year.


Introducing New Staff for 2023

It is my pleasure to introduce the last of our new staff to you and welcome them to our community.  You can read more details about each of them here.


Will Bryant                        Archivist

Emily Collett                      Eurythmist

Lina Crawford                    Assistant Teacher, Class 5

Sabrina Durman                Teacher’s Assistant, Pre-School

Jenni Foley                        Learning Enrichment Teacher

Tamara Louis                     Marketing Coordinator

Naoko Murphy                   Playgroup Leader


Additional RAT packs were sent home with families last week for use when cold and flu symptoms present. Further RATs packs are available for any family that requires additional supplies. Simply call Middle Cove Reception 02 9417 3193.


And on that note, all that’s left to do is wish you a very happy weekend.


With very best wishes,

Diana Drummond