Welcome to 2024

03 February 2022

Welcome to a brand-new school year!

The play-areas, corridors and classrooms are once again filled with the laughter and chatter of children and young people, just as they should be. A very warm welcome to the 2024 school year, and all that it promises for our school, for our families and for our students. I hope these first few days have provided opportunities for strong learning engagement and connection for students, brought by teachers and staff who are passionate and dedicated about each child they teach or come across and about the work they do. Tonight’s Welcome Soiree promises to provide the same opportunity for connection for parents and carers, and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Staff Days

Our January Staff Days provided all staff with opportunities to engage with core areas of focus for the year ahead. For teachers, this included absorbing keynotes and workshops presented by visiting Waldorf teacher and teacher trainer, Michael Merle, and completing artistic work with guest artist and Steiner teacher, Sophia Montefiore. In addition, all teachers completed Day 2 of the Berry Street Education Model training, focused on relationship. Over two thought-provoking and practical days of learning, we were reminded of the importance of inclusivity and connection, and our role as teachers to prepare students for the future by meeting them where they are now. This builds a culture of learning and being in which the shaping of the inherent uniqueness of each child is as important as shaping of their collective role as a member of the human race, within the greater human story.

New Staff

We have a number of new staff joining our community this year. You will hear more about them in upcoming editions of the Newsletter, but for now, a brief summary, and a warm welcome!



Angela Lakkis

Preschool Administrator

Isabelle Chappuis

Teacher Assistant, Kindergarten

Emma Harrison

Middle Cove Teacher: Class 3 and 4 Drama, Teacher relief

Meg Quinlisk

Handwork Trainee Teacher

Lillian Dalton-Sheikh

Science, Maths Teacher, Middle Cove

Pal (Paul) Fekete

Physics, Maths Teacher, Middle Cove

George Morton-Ramwell

Maths, Science, Technology Teacher, Middle Cove

Dominica Nicholls

English Teacher, Careers, Middle Cove

Adrian Carter

Head of PDHPE

Transition to new student database, Compass

Heartfelt thanks to all parents and carers as we begin to navigate the transition to our new student database, Compass. We are well on-track and pleased with the progress so far. As we work our way through the term and start to make use of new ways of doing things, please have patience and let us know if there are elements of the program that are not working for you. Our IT Specialist, Brenton has put together some tips for user experience that you can read in this edition of the newsletter. If you are experiencing any issues, please email

Routines and Rhythms

As we embrace the typical rhythms of back-to-school, a recurring pattern of weekly activity unfolds. This encompasses exploring new activities, establishing fresh homework habits, different routines, and adapting to changing expectations. A wealth of opportunity for learning! The cultivation of wholesome study and play habits in children involve modelling, repetitive practice, feedback, and consistent reflection, centered on the child's and family's needs. Don’t forget, our co-curricular programs for Middle Cove students are available for sign-up on GLO now.

Diana Drummond
Head of School