Welcome to Term 4!

07 October 2021

What a difference two days make! We deliberately delayed sharing our return to school plans with parents knowing that in the past, plans announced by the Premier have changed, and now even the Premier has changed as well as the plan! So we have both a new Premier and new plans, and all schools across NSW will be scrambling to catch up. An enormous amount of work has gone into our return to school schedules, planning which now has to pivot to accommodate the new return dates. We will be in touch with you shortly to outline Glenaeon’s plans for Term 4.

Schools are very empty places without students, so we await their return with great anticipation. When they do return, the Term 4 arrangements for schools will involve serious restrictions and mandates which mean we have to work within a framework that is not what we would normally choose. These mandates have a potentially fragmenting effect on our community harmony, and we are working very hard to accommodate all sections of our community.

There will be constraints in which we have to work, but we are confident that the school will manage the transition back to normal school life. The Public Health Orders are legally binding on schools: we do not make these rules, but we are obligated to ensuring they are in place. Within the constraints of these orders, we are working to ensure every teacher and staff member remains both safe and connected to their classes.

As the final term for Year 12, we wish all students and families in our senior year a successful period of HSC exams, and a positive ending to the school journey. There will be further details of our return to school in the next few days and in the meantime, I wish everyone a happy start to Term 4!