24 June 2022

Our Visual Arts students have had a very productive term.

Students from Year 9 have almost completed their large murals paintings. Some are two panels wide, some three or more. These murals once finalized, will be proudly displayed around the school, bringing even more beauty and colour to our Middle Cove campus. See photos for a sneak peek at these creations.

Students have also been working on sculpting a head using clay and each student came up with something quite unique and different. Building up the nose, cheeks, and eye brows and crafting eyes took time, patience and skill to bring the structure to the right proportions and bringing each its own distinctive features.

Students have also completed a study of Portraits of the Renaissance. Each student has demonstrated their understanding of this art form by rendering a Rembrandt, using chalk pastel to gain the allure of the time period.  Check out this gallery of faces.