xin nian kuai le (Happy New Year in Mandarin)

25 February 2021

The excitement of the beginning of the new school year has now settled back into familiar patterns, rhythms and routines.  Our first Main Lesson cycle for the year has just concluded, and for Class 5 in particular, it has been a new and interesting one!

While European, Middle Eastern and Australian history, both pre and post colonisation, have long been a feature of the Main Lesson sequence in Primary School at Glenaeon, for some time, we have been committed to the addition of an integrated Main Lesson experience that reflects our geographic position as part of Asia.  The current Year 9 cohort experienced the first "Tales of Ancient China" Main Lesson when they were in Class 5. This year, Teacher Katherine Arconati has again delved into Chinese legends, myths, history and geography in the Main Lesson, now re-named "The Celestial Empire".

The children have been gleefully immersed in ancient Chinese culture and philosophy through mythology, geography, art, dance, music and verse.  They were treated to calligraphic instruction via a visiting calligraphy artist and decorated the school with their work.  The Main Lesson's timing perfectly coincided with the Lunar New Year celebrations and on the first day of the New Year, we were thoroughly enthralled by Class 5's remarkable traditional Chinese music performance at our Junior School Assembly. 

As part of our rich academic offerings throughout Primary School, it is wonderful to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse cultural perspectives and history of so many members of our community and our neighbours.


Dani Finch
Deputy Head of School (K-Class 6) & Registrar