Winter…the Simpler, Softer World Within

09 June 2022

Winter turns us inward. Hasn’t the sudden deep freeze over the past few days brought a different mood? We stay inside to keep warm, we sit by the fire if we have one, and we brace ourselves to face the chill.

Michael Leunig captures the different moods of winter mood so perfectly that there is not much to add. We can touch both the “simpler, softer world within”, as well as the little things of beauty that we find outside us.

Our MidWinter festivals are fast approaching:

  • Middle Cove students: Tuesday and Wednesday June 21 and 22 for Class 3 to Year 12
  • Middle Cove Community for parents and friends: Wednesday June 22, 6.30 pm
  • Castlecrag:  Classes 1 and 2: Wednesday June 22
  • Castlecrag: Kindergarten Tuesday June 29
  • Preschool: Wednesday June 22

For parents new to Glenaeon, the MidWinter spiral walk can be a revelation of how to put the MidWinter mood into a tangible form. For both child and adult, the simple ritual of walking the spiral and lighting the candle are an expression of this turning inward as we walk the spiral and turn into the central light.

Winter and darkness go together. Our festival celebrates the Light.