Being a Glenaeon Parent

19 August 2022

Being a Glenaeon Parent

The Term 3 GPA meeting was particularly noteworthy. In the first Newsletter of the term I quoted well known author and former Glenaeon parent Stephanie Dowrick. In the comments section under The Sydney Morning Herald article on our Head of School transition, Stephanie wrote a very complimentary paragraph describing her time as a parent here and the very tangible as well as the intangible benefits of a Glenaeon education. We used this comment as a platform for a discussion in breakout rooms on what it means to be a Glenaeon parent. The responses from all groups were thoughtful, considered and very impressive: there was universal positivity about the journey of being a Glenaeon parent including such gems as “As a parent at Glenaeon I have been given a more complete experience of myself as a human being.” Impressive indeed! Thank you to all those who were there.

Careers Update

Following our Parent Satisfaction Survey of 2021, we committed to a greater presence in a number of areas. Prime among these areas were Student Wellbeing, Learning Support and Careers. Here is an update on what the School has achieved in all three areas:

  • Learning Support: last Newsletter we unveiled the rebuilding of the team that manages student support throughout the school. Rebranded as our Learning Enrichment team, and led by Head of Department Angela Sutton, the team are supporting and extending student learning progress throughout the school.
  • Student Wellbeing: our Coordinator and Psychologist Andy Christie is now working fulltime, providing excellent quality emotional and social support for students and families, mainly in the high school. Andy’s background experience in school psychology has been a powerful asset in his proactive mental health education and as a resource for students and families.
  • Careers: I am very happy to introduce our new Careers Advisor Rod Mounjed who has stepped into the role this term:

Rod joined the high school staff this year as the Year 11 and Year 12 Business Studies Teacher. He recently took over the additional role of Careers Advisor for students in Years 10 -12 from Dean Faught.  Rod has an impressive amount of experience in this space having successfully been Careers Master and run the careers program at SHORE School, North Sydney for 16 years.  His careers advisor role at Glenaeon incorporates work experience, subject selection relating to specified careers, VET courses, VAC applications and access consideration.

All relevant careers information and important dates can be found on GLO:

Here you will find really useful and important information and key dates, open days, careers advice links plus more - all designed to support students in their research, consideration and decision making regarding HSC goals, university and post-school learning and career options.

Rod says, “I am looking forward to helping Glenaeon students on this important part of the journey.  To the students I say, it’s important to take time to think about what you really want to do, what makes you happy. Challenge yourself, but don’t be overwhelmed unnecessarily and remember to follow your own path in life.  It’s never too early to investigate and think about your options and create the life you want for yourself.  Read, volunteer, try out, talk with your family, your friends and the adults in your life. Be curious and be inspired!”

Rod promises to be “in your face” about careers. He speaks with students constantly during Mentor time and through the day, reminding them of the need to plan ahead and to start thinking about careers now.

Rod is also a man of many talents. He is a fine pianist, a Musical Director of musicals and shows, a Conductor, Teacher and gym instructor. He even played with our resident pianist Stuart Wright to perform some exciting four hand piano pieces at our high school assembly this week. He knows all about developing talents and he will be doing just that with our high school students!  See his Careers Corner story in this newsletter.