10 December 2022

This piece will be my last View from the Hill, so it is with very mixed feelings that I write these words. Glenaeon is a hard place to leave: it’s a wonderful community and the combination of professional and personal ties run very deep. Add to that the profound sense of being embedded in Nature every day, and you have the essential shape of a meaningful life.

The teachers, parents and students who embrace the school’s culture may sometimes feel it’s a road less travelled, but the rewards are rich and fulfilling, and the student outcomes can be outstanding. I offer my deep thanks to all those who share our common path, whether teacher, parent or student, and look forward to that path continuing on into a successful future.

It’s been the privilege of a lifetime to be Head of School at Glenaeon, and to play a part in the unfolding story of this great school. Our heritage is a unique and remarkable one among schools, and we all play a part in carrying that heritage.

I am deeply grateful to so many people who have supported my work and the school. Liz Nevieve and Dani Finch and my colleagues on the Executive team, Peter Candotti and the Directors on the Board, Warwick Brown and Sabine Simmonds of the GPA, the Class Parents and so many others. We have built a resilient community and one of which we can be proud.

Next year I look forward to reading, from afar, Diana Drummond’s The Drum which will head up this space in the Newsletter. Diana will be bringing her great experience and expertise to Glenaeon and I look forward to seeing the school grow to greater achievements with her leadership.

I wish all families a restful and refreshing Christmas, and blessings for a happy and successful future.