The rain in Spain, falls mainly on Sandra Frain’s compost!

25 March 2021

Close to 30 people braved the unrelenting rain last Sunday (14 March) to participate in our Parent Education session on compost making with our Biodynamic Gardening Practitioner and Gardening Teacher Sandra Frain.  Sandra covered all the principles of composting including the scientifically proven balance of nitrogen and carbon products that creates a healthy compost system. Participants all worked together to ‘fill the compost pit’ at Castlecrag in the layering format that creates a good healthy mature soil. Families got familiar with our ‘Compost Pit Corner’ and harvested some mature composted soil to take home having learned how to make compost for their own backyards. Sandra is planning to do a follow up workshop in Term 2, so stay tuned for more information to follow.