The importance of drawing: National Drawing Day May 16

06 May 2021

This article from The Conversation asks: Why is teaching kids to draw not a more important part of the curriculum? Well at Glenaeon, it is.  Glenaeon students are exposed to drawing and creative learning from the moment they step foot onto our Preschool, Primary or High School.  And the teachers who teach our children, are all of the belief that drawing is an important aspect of a child’s development and learning. The mural of birds that was recently unveiled at our Middle Cove campus is a nod to our Teachers own artistic practices, and the high regard that they have for drawing, creating and its place in education. You don’t need to be an artist to reap the benefits of drawing. Glenaeon is providing families with a creative education for students and producing students that become creative members of Australian society – and creative thinkers from the very beginning. When we run School Tours, prospective parents often ask if being able to draw is an entry requirement. When children enter Glenaeon from other schools, they are not expected to be able to draw well from day 1. It’s the act of drawing, that's key. Each child is nurtured and eventually students become better at it over time, but there is no pressure to be an instant artist. With National Drawing Day coming up in May, it might be time to draw some more.