The Cove wraps for another year with Year 9 mini poems

02 December 2021

The Cove program saw students create mini poems as part of an in-school Cove Program Character Challenge where they worked together in team building group challenges to achieve various tasks around the school and Scotts Creek. Students had to climb over walls and support each other, find hidden food, read and learn about nature, bond by completing group tasks that needed leadership, diligence, cooperation and communication skills. The last task was to rhyme words in relation to the Cove Program and come up with a mini poem.

Here are three examples:


The Cove…
… is waking up early in the summer sun
The winter cold was not so fun
Running, games and yoga too
Jonas and Donna thank you!



We ran in the sun, we ran in the rain
Jonas and Donna near drove us insane
We learned new skills and challenged our brains
To be honest, we wouldn’t do it so easily again.



Jonas, who runs the Cove
He broke his ankle but doesn’t stay home
He takes us on runs past the mangroves
And let’s us walk and talk and roam.



The Cove program will wrap up in the final week with a mindfulness session in nature and reflections on a unique year and the program that was a challenge for some. Donna and Jonas are looking forward to welcoming the new Year 9 cohort in February 2022 to The Cove.