Glenaeon Garden Culture and Chicken Coop Revival

18 January 2024

What wonderful lush and colourful gardens we are growing thanks to the efforts of our devoted gardening community on all three Glenaeon campuses! In the Middle Cove gardens the stately and whimsical Amaranth was ever abundant and towering over and above all. Without our chickens to keep the coop-run crops trimmed down, that space also needed weeding!

On Thursday, 4th January the Temple family spent many hours removing the Amaranth and Madeira vine that were bursting in the old chicken run and an unwelcome foe in the neighbouring bushland. Clearing them was a necessity for erecting the new chicken run perimeter. The Temple family also decorated our garden fence with especially made screens from the blacksmithing classes and logs from Penrith River.

A professional team led the way with chicken coop designs and directives which were soon fulfilled by some Year 9 enthusiasts: Max, Sean, Arlo and Timon. Thank you digging boys, and building pros Robbie Pittorino, Peter Myles, Farshid Manesh. A most welcome ‘next step’ following our weekend working bee last November to dismantle the old chicken coop with demolition assistance from Glenaeon garden classes.

On such a hot and humid beach-type of day, Lisa Lewis replenished garden beds by wheelbarrowing the mountains of earth excavated by the Year 9 students for a moat-like trench that will keep rainwater from flooding the new coop. From the first sod turning on Saturday, 23 December 2023 to ‘last walls clipped in place’ by Glenaeon Staff member Kai Schaefer on 12th January 2024: WE NOW HAVE AN ENCLOSURE in which to host our forthcoming feathered friends!
Designs for a chicken coop roof have been created by Glenaeon Operations Manager Chris Scrogie. Once materials are purchased by the Glenaeon Garden Team we will ‘raise the roof’.

See you in the Garden!
Sandra Frain…..and Parent Volunteers
Gardening Teacher